This Week in a List

Monday, the kiddos went to work with Dad. We got to express our creative side by helping paint at GCC for the Children’s Ministry

– Dad, Mom, Sean, Nicole, and Bella skyped with Stacey to celebrate our best Valentine in the world. 🙂 My little sister is now 20!

Tuesday, the kiddos (that’s us) hung out with Grandma Rassman, Nicole’s maternal grandma. Cups of tea, warm hugs, talks about the demise of the world (okay, just how things are different than 60 years ago), and lots of laugh about our family!

Wednesday, the boy and girl of the hour were sad to hear Grandma Dicken, Nicole’s paternal grandma, was suffering from a cold. Alas, we missed seeing her.

– Nicole cleaned out her closet – still more to come later.

– Sean ordered lots of books he needs for building a house and homestead in Swaziland.

– The kiddos went shopping for dad’s birthday. 

– Sean scored $70 worth of gloves, beanie, and bike accessory for $20/ free upon returning a shirt that was too snug.

Thursday, the Man that Dreams of Made of (that’s Sean) hung out in the shop with our new friends at Lamppost Farms. They made a butcher’s block and talked of all things farm and woodworking and ministry.

– the girl of the hour, turned cleaning lady for a few hours. Much thanks to family who’ve extended business to us while we’re in the area. Those jobs that seem ‘little’ to most are MUCH to us!

Friday, Sean cycled to Lamppost Farms at 7:30am to make the milking time. 

– Nicole stayed snuggled in bed and then wrote this blog. She’s gearing up for Ladies Night this evening with Mum!

“. . . Remember to slow down in life; live, breathe, and learn; take a look around you . . .

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