Be All Here. 19 days and Counting 

I may be flying this coop in 19 days, but God isn’t done with what He’s doing here. The way He moves will continue long after we’re gone from this physical place. Yet, it seems He also saw fit to use us tonight. Where we are. With what we have. . . 
At the end of our 5 hr road trip from saying goodbye to wonderful friends, we turned off the highway onto our road. About 2 Kms from our house we saw two men standing to the side of the road and one woman sitting on the ground. Upon stopping, we learned this woman was having “umhelo”, #contractions. That siSwati word run out in my ear . . . and all the words and phrases I knew slowly came bubbling to the surface. 

Sean asked a few questions from the car, but turned to me, “Do you have some questions you want to ask her, so we know what we’re getting into?” 
I got out and bent over. A few minutes in I apologized! Gah! I had forgotten to introduce myself AND tell her my experiences with #labor, so I wasn’t a total kook! It was dark, but her #fear was obvious. I was rusty, but all of the phrases came back to me. Somehow, surely we communicated. With her more than 4 kms from home, after dark, and #pregnant with her first child, she had a lot of unknowns staring her in the face. Sean decided he’d take her to the hospital regardless, so we loaded her up. 

While Sean unloaded our bags and dog and kids at our house, I timed her contractions. As we talked, it seems her fear and pain lessened. With all of the info she gave me, I made a few judgements and advised her brother on what to #pack when they made a stop at the house before continuing to the #hospital. Those two men! They sure some insights into #labor as I talked with her! 😳 
My heart ached a little to accompany her. I wanted to hear more of her story. Have time to listen to her fears. Have time to educate her on what else to expect with labor. Time to ask about her baby-feeding plans. And give her my number. And teach her to breathe. Because even if you’ve only met a woman in early or active labor, it seems there’s still time to build a significant relationship that can bless the expecting mom throughout her #birth. 

But. I have my own two kids’ needs. As I talked with her, I held a hungry, overtired, sleepy baby boy of my own, who needed his momma to show up and offer myself to the Lord as I met his needs. My daughter needed me to bring her water and scratch her back as she could fall asleep. To protect her and watch over her while she slept. So while I’m not going to the hospital and part of me so loooooongs to accompany her, I’m #thankful. Thankful that we were driving by when we were. That even if for comic relief, this momma had another woman to sympathize and be with her for a few minutes. I’m thankful that I have a #husband who gets this whole labor thing and isn’t intimidated to drive laboring women to the hospital. And thankful that even we’ve got 19 days left, I still get to BE ALL HERE. The Lord knows what He’s doing. 

Feel free to pray for this momma. I know I will. 

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One thought on “Be All Here. 19 days and Counting 

  1. Mom Dicken

    I love to see how God uses you on a daily basis and how you let Him do that!

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