Be All Here. 19 days and CountingĀ 

I may be flying this coop in 19 days, but God isn’t done with what He’s doing here. The way He moves will continue long after we’re gone from this physical place. Yet, it seems He also saw fit to use us tonight. Where we are. With what we have. . . 
At the end of our 5 hr road trip from saying goodbye to wonderful friends, we turned off the highway onto our road. About 2 Kms from our house we saw two men standing to the side of the road and one woman sitting on the ground. Upon stopping, we learned this woman was having “umhelo”, #contractions. That siSwati word run out in my ear . . . and all the words and phrases I knew slowly came bubbling to the surface. 

Sean asked a few questions from the car, but turned to me, “Do you have some questions you want to ask her, so we know what we’re getting into?” 
I got out and bent over. A few minutes in I apologized! Gah! I had forgotten to introduce myself AND tell her my experiences with #labor, so I wasn’t a total kook! It was dark, but her #fear was obvious. I was rusty, but all of the phrases came back to me. Somehow, surely we communicated. With her more than 4 kms from home, after dark, and #pregnant with her first child, she had a lot of unknowns staring her in the face. Sean decided he’d take her to the hospital regardless, so we loaded her up. 

While Sean unloaded our bags and dog and kids at our house, I timed her contractions. As we talked, it seems her fear and pain lessened. With all of the info she gave me, I made a few judgements and advised her brother on what to #pack when they made a stop at the house before continuing to the #hospital. Those two men! They sure some insights into #labor as I talked with her! šŸ˜³ 
My heart ached a little to accompany her. I wanted to hear more of her story. Have time to listen to her fears. Have time to educate her on what else to expect with labor. Time to ask about her baby-feeding plans. And give her my number. And teach her to breathe. Because even if you’ve only met a woman in early or active labor, it seems there’s still time to build a significant relationship that can bless the expecting mom throughout her #birth. 

But. I have my own two kids’ needs. As I talked with her, I held a hungry, overtired, sleepy baby boy of my own, who needed his momma to show up and offer myself to the Lord as I met his needs. My daughter needed me to bring her water and scratch her back as she could fall asleep. To protect her and watch over her while she slept. So while I’m not going to the hospital and part of me so loooooongs to accompany her, I’m #thankful. Thankful that we were driving by when we were. That even if for comic relief, this momma had another woman to sympathize and be with her for a few minutes. I’m thankful that I have a #husband who gets this whole labor thing and isn’t intimidated to drive laboring women to the hospital. And thankful that even we’ve got 19 days left, I still get to BE ALL HERE. The Lord knows what He’s doing. 

Feel free to pray for this momma. I know I will. 

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Letting Go


For the longest time, I wouldn’t do yoga unless I had a quiet corner to myself. Then I gloriously became a mom and my mat sat in the corner more because I refused to let go of my expectations of yoga. I wanted it to look and feel and be a certain things it had been in my past. I wanted long, sweaty sessions that pushed my mind and stilled my body. I wanted to be lead through a class, not lead myself.

 When you’re working on a standing balance, arm balance or a pose that challenges you, the moment when you start to celebrate too much, worship the end (having it perfect) too much or forget to breathe in the pose, YOU LOSE IT. You’ll fall short. You’ll weaken. But when you loosely hold the idea, the dream, or the pose; you picture it in your mind, but it’s held loose with open, easy hands. THAT is when you’ll stick it and have a great chance to being present for longer. When your focus is steady, yet calm and undesperate, you’re able to weather wobbles, slight adjustments, or quivering muscles. When your focus is calm, your balance follows. With a furrowed, intense brow; or a wandering eye, you. Will. Fall. You will come out of the pose. Of course, that’s fine. We like falling and trying once more in yoga. But it’s also liberating when you hit that sweet spot, that moment when you’re calm, focused, balanced and the stars align in your body for the pose that feels so right. 

I love that my daughter comes to climb and crawl and pull and move with me when I do yoga once I finally let go of who yoga was “supposed” to be or do for me. I still love yoga in my own time, alone. However, I’m more and more happy to share 15 minutes of a practice with her. There is something silly, special and then sacred as I move through poses and she “chases” me. In plank, I hover over her as she crawls from under my head to under my feet. I open to side plank and she rolls over into the ground to gaze up at me and giggle. In forward fold, she peeks her head in between my legs from behind to spy on me breathing upside down. Child’s pose is her favorite I think, because with my shins under thighs, my torso resting on my thighs, and all that plus my forehead collapsing in a fetal-like position as the ground holds me, I hold her. She crawls into my back. Giggles. Falls off. Practices standing on me. Surfs. Giggles. Falls off. Her toes and fingers knead my lower back in a massage. Her 20 some pounds adds the right touch of pressure to help me really relax and sink deeper to the ground. We both love it. 

While I did this pose, the view from INSIDE my body was beautiful. I felt radiant, glorious, strong, balanced, graceful, like I could hold it forever. I loved having her with me. I love the symbols of strength and incorporating all parts of what I love together. I love yoga in our new room. I love moving my 19-week pregnant body. I love that I could find my calm focus amidst the minion on my leg. 

And then I looked at this photo & chuckled because my form isn’t great. I’m not standing as tall as I thought. My hair is kind of a wreck. There’s a lot someone could photoshop. But I won’t. I didn’t. Because even if it looks different on the outside, from the inside, the pose felt perfect and glorious. And I’ll choose to hold on to that memory and let go of any others. 


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Please Join Us in Prayer

I would love if you wanted to join us in your prayertime concerning the following:

Thankfulness that our truck only “broke” in our driveway. We didĀ not get stranded in South Africa. We did not break down on the road. We were safely, comfortably home when it broke! The best, safest timing.

Thankfulness for a quick solution to the vehicle issue.

Thankfulness for our friends who loaned usĀ their car while we were without. They were traveling in the States, so the timing and their generosity really helped us out.

Thankfulness for our health. Cedar’s, mine, and Sean’s! We often can neglect being thankful, but recent migraine issues have reminded me howĀ big a dealĀ our health is.

Encouragement in our work, in our purpose, in ourĀ beingĀ here. Lately we’ve felt disconnected and discouraged more than we’d love.

Energy and renewal of energy during the summertime. It’s easy to sink into complaining when it’s over 100 degrees in the shade. And we don’t have air conditioning. And we have a teeny fan to blow hot air around. It’sĀ really easy. Pray that our minds and spirits can be resolved in positivity. Or that it’s an unusually cool season. šŸ˜‰ However you might feel led there. šŸ˜€

Pray for Nicole’s sanity as Cedar starts scooting and inching her way around our tiny, not-very-child-proofed house. She’s currently aiming for the dog food bowl as I type.

That we could beĀ light andĀ salt in our community!Ā May the Lord connect us to the very person he wants us to travel with on this day.

Companions. That we would feel the Lord’s presence as our companion on this journey. That we would know the goodness of His face, hear the joy in His voice, and trust the direction of our relationship!

Wisdom in our decisions. We’re currently mulling over how and when and how long we’ll be here for, so we wouldĀ greatly appreciate your intercession on our be-half concerning that decision. That it would be clear. That there would be peace.

How can we join you in prayer? Comment below or email us! Grace and peace to you from our corner eMasini.Ā 

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