Our Goals: (Those tangible things we are committed to)

1st year : Learn Siswati,  build our house,  buy a car, get a dog

2nd & 3rd year: Survey region based on spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, educational, familial, and cultural health; Work relentlessly in areas we see greatest need and Holy Spirit’s direction to serve in. Cultivate our extensive garden; promote creative exchanges of resources among ourselves and neighbors. We live to share the Good News, and to ‘heal the sick and blind’ spiritually and physically as we’re empowered.

Update: Sean aims to empower homestead agriculture with treadle pumps and fuel-efficient stoves. He consults with families and small-scale farmers about their water and garden needs, then fosters long-term relationships of learning and growing and working together.

Nicole volunteers as a labor doula with women in her community. She builds relationships with women through this work, while empowering them with education and emotional support during this life-changing event.

Both Sean and Nicole work extensively in their homestead garden, using the garden as a place of learning from our neighbors, interacting with each other, and sharing our passions- most commonly of God Who Became Man in order to teach us how to live among each other as His children. 


2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Hi there! I am an American doula living in Papua New Guinea. I accidentally ran across your blog. (=
    My blog is http://deardouladiary.blogspot.com.au/ I enjoyed reading about someone else in a similar situation.

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