About Nicole (& Sean)

Nicole, Sean, and Thor outside our house

Nicole, Sean, and Thor outside our house

Before we, Sean & Nicole, ever met, we were both intrigued by missions, and felt ‘a call’ to serve the marginalized in developing nations, so that the nations might hear Christ’s Good News. Sean dreamed of melding ministry with vocational training; Nicole dreamed of teaching teenagers. When we considered marriage, we both adamantly confirmed ‘I’ll marry you IF you’re serious about living overseas.”  We talked. We promised. We married. We vowed.

We spent 3 years of living, loving, and teaching in Newark, New Jersey. We had our worlds rocked, learned about being a neighbor, loved our students, loathed the down-sides to teaching, and paid off our college debt. And then doors opened. Invitations to “Come and Live” in Swaziland.

In September 2012, we moved to Swaziland, southern Africa, with that invitation. We see our lives in Swaziland as little different from our lives in Newark, or anywhere else we have lived. Nicole started this blog as a way to keep track of where they are in the world, and hopefully keep people we love up to speed, as well

Our vision? To love the Lord our God with all our hearts and with all our souls and with all our minds. And to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Our goals? To create a resource farm that celebrates community and creatively exchanges essential resources with our neighbors. We most preferably work with young girls and women, as they’re the most likely to have unreliable food sources. Read more about our goals.


5 thoughts on “About Nicole (& Sean)

  1. Sarah newman

    Hope you outran Irene! You got put just in time- we lost two floors and both cars! Thinking of you and hoping you are enjoying your time with family and travel. We all miss you terribly!

    • What? You lost two cars? Both floors? Where have you been staying? I saw l
      CDs ford on the news but y’all were on vacation, so I thought. Glad everyone one isok. Miss y’all! Tell everyone hi for me!

  2. Mom

    I love you more than words can say! I was wonderful having you share our daily lives for that period of time!

  3. Mariel

    My best wishes to you!! it’s amazing what you are doing 🙂 Stay safe and enjoy your adventures!

    • Thanks, Mariel, for reading, commenting, and encouraging. Best to you as well. If we land here, you’re welcome to come visit. 🙂

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