Doula Project Progress & Needs

We’ve done a little switch-a-roo as to who is the largest stakeholder in this project. Originally it was the hospital, as they and I were the only players, but through yet another God-provided turn, we have all agreed the Siphilile: Child and Maternal Health NGO would instead complete the proposal, receive the funds yall are donating in order to pay the salary of 12 mentor mothers. Their fantastic project coordinator (who happens to be a midwife!) will supervise the 12 new doulas. This organization is committed to excellence and does some amazing work! Check them out at:

The mentor mothers support families in their communities

 Anyone who talks with me can hear the awe in my voice at how we were connected to Siphilile. There is NO WAY I could have dreamed up any better people to work with. It is the perfect fit I didn’t even have eyes to see. Dare we whisper the Lord could be involved here? In a hushed voice, I praise Him! 
The next 6 weeks will be busy. Proposals completed, funding needs to be released, training plans finalized, materials printed, funding secured, doulas recruited, and everything else it takes to train 12 mentor mothers, 1 project coordinator and 2 midwives. We are so close to having quality doula care provided in RFM’s maternity ward. The joy of the mothers’ attended by our new doulas will be something you hear ringing from the hilltops of Swaziland. Their joy will trickle down. . . 

into their families . . . 

into a passion to mother their children well.  . .

 into a knowledge on how to breastfeed. . . 

into a place of sharing and teaching other pregnant women. . . 

into every nook and cranny of society. That we proclaim will be true! 

I envision that the group of people to sponsor this project will be women and families in the USA who know the intense relief and service a doula provides! 

We have only $4,860 left to raise to fuel this awesomeness for ONE YEAR. 

The average cost of a doula (in the USA) is $500. 

What if you donated in direct correlation to that average cost? Instead of hiring your OWN doula for YOUR birth, you’d be hiring a doula for the births of approximately 200 women! Two hundred! You’d be paying the monthly part time stipend of one Swazi doula.

What an incredible gift. What a joy. What a way to pay it forward, friends. 

When the Spirit Moves or the Mood Strikes, please donate by:

1. sending a tax deductible check to: Manna Global Ministries; PO Box 9240; Riviera Beach, FL 33419

– write the check to: Manna – Swaziland; please include a sticky note that says, “Doula Project”

2. clicking the link “Donate” on the sidebar of this page. (Please note Paypal charges a 3% processing fee and is not tax deductible)

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One thought on “Doula Project Progress & Needs

  1. Mom Dicken

    I am so excited to see how God continues to move through this project and the lives of women in Swaziland!

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