An Overview of Last Week’s Doula Meetings

Forgive me for not adding too much flair and zest to this update. I want to share the updates, but nothing is too fancy.

Here’s an overview of the last week:

Tuesday – I had a fantastic meeting with the CEO of Siphililie, a Mentor Mother’s program based in Matsapha, Swaziland. Their 45 mentor mothers each have a designated section of the town that they cover. Being mentors, they connect with people, assess family healthy needs, offer counseling on hygiene, HIV transmission, TB prevention, as well as prenatal counseling and constant encouragement for ill or HIV positive folks to frequent the clinic.

When I was speaking with the CEO, I thought these women would make perfect doulas! We had a stimulating, collaborative conversation with the following conclusion: Siphilile will sponsor 8 part-time doulas. They will partner with this Doula Swaziland project fully – including letting their mentor mothers apply as doulas, and all doulas can attend the Siphilile monthly training meetings, as well as, be involved in the initial month-long training. 

This partnership is beyond exeptional and could be the difference in the success and failure over the long-term. Woo hoo!

During the week – I furiously researched, read articles, perused grant applications, and created Manna’s official grant application complete with 6 pages of instructions, and 7 pages of information needed. I really worked hard to ensure this grant application will be a tool that propels the project forward, and additionally walks participants through all expected needs. Once this is complete, I imagine things can fall into place quite nicely!

Friday – There was a stakeholders’ meeting at RFM hospital, which included the CMO, myself, a midwife from the labor ward, another volunteer doula, and several representatives from different departments in the hospital. We discussed how to further the project, budget, implementation logistics, and even set a date. We hope to be training our first set of doulas by April 1, 2016. Our work is cut out for us with the holidays coming up! With diligence and a lot of grace, I’m certain we can make it.

I will not lie. This task is daunting, and I think I rushed into some aspects a bit too quickly. I realized that on Friday at our meeting, but we are communicating the necessary changes and wait to see how the Lord will deliver us. Remember when I declared that I’m in over my head!Yes, I still feel that way.

What’s Next?

  • RFM and I need to lay out each groups’ roles; complete an MOU, which I had no idea about until 10 days ago
  • RFM will complete Manna’s grant application
  • The committee will secure a trainer and tentative dates
  • All three parties – RFM, Manna/me, and Siphilile – must decide on their on involvement, roles, and responsibilities (easier written than done)
  • and the Lord only knows what else!


We’re raising $8,500. Several pledges have been made, so our current needs are only $7,970 left! Two donors are gifting a donation to Doula Swaziland in honor of a family member for Christmas. What a magnificent gift that will give multiple times over!

A reminder of how to partner with us:

You can pledge your donation by emailing me at

OR you can donate by:

  1. sending a tax deductible check to: Manna Global Ministries; PO Box 9240; Riviera Beach, FL 33419

– write the check to: Manna – Swaziland; please include a sticky note that says, “Doula Project

2. clicking the link “Donate” on the sidebar of this page. Please note Paypal charges a 3% processing fee and is not tax deductible


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