Please Join Us in Prayer

I would love if you wanted to join us in your prayertime concerning the following:

Thankfulness that our truck only “broke” in our driveway. We did not get stranded in South Africa. We did not break down on the road. We were safely, comfortably home when it broke! The best, safest timing.

Thankfulness for a quick solution to the vehicle issue.

Thankfulness for our friends who loaned us their car while we were without. They were traveling in the States, so the timing and their generosity really helped us out.

Thankfulness for our health. Cedar’s, mine, and Sean’s! We often can neglect being thankful, but recent migraine issues have reminded me how big a deal our health is.

Encouragement in our work, in our purpose, in our being here. Lately we’ve felt disconnected and discouraged more than we’d love.

Energy and renewal of energy during the summertime. It’s easy to sink into complaining when it’s over 100 degrees in the shade. And we don’t have air conditioning. And we have a teeny fan to blow hot air around. It’s really easy. Pray that our minds and spirits can be resolved in positivity. Or that it’s an unusually cool season. 😉 However you might feel led there. 😀

Pray for Nicole’s sanity as Cedar starts scooting and inching her way around our tiny, not-very-child-proofed house. She’s currently aiming for the dog food bowl as I type.

That we could be light and salt in our community! May the Lord connect us to the very person he wants us to travel with on this day.

Companions. That we would feel the Lord’s presence as our companion on this journey. That we would know the goodness of His face, hear the joy in His voice, and trust the direction of our relationship!

Wisdom in our decisions. We’re currently mulling over how and when and how long we’ll be here for, so we would greatly appreciate your intercession on our be-half concerning that decision. That it would be clear. That there would be peace.

How can we join you in prayer? Comment below or email us! Grace and peace to you from our corner eMasini. 

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4 thoughts on “Please Join Us in Prayer

  1. Danny

    We love you guys and are praying all these things over you. We are so proud to call you friends and see Gods work in your life.

  2. Mom Dicken

    Praying that you will feel God’s presence in your lives each and every day.

  3. Paul

    Praying for safety and wisdom.

  4. Sue bush

    Sometimes we must walk by faith and not by sight and I pray for peace with whatever you decide to do,
    Easier said than done ! Love each other and be safe whatever you do ! Maamaa

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