Doula ‘Dates

The upDATES keep rolling in. After the previous stake-holders’ meeting, the administrator overseeing this doula project contacted me. We talked for quiet some time and covered a lot of ground. 

The stakeholders identified two financial aspects to the Doula Project. 1) the training 2) the stipend to pay the doulas for their work. They agreed that item #2 was the more challenging aspect to have the funds for. Because we’ve previously applied to UNICEF and were denied, they had thought to look to other NGOs for funding. Their idea is to trial the doula project for one year’s time, after which they’ll evaluate and make strides towards long-term, remediation, or chalk it up as a fun experiment, but not a fit for RFM. The administrator did ask me if supporting these doulas was within the scope of Manna’s mission. In short, I began thinking Could Manna donate the funds to pay for 4 doulas to work for one year? SHOULD we? Is this the best option? 

 Dr, B. the administrator is positive about the outlook f the project. It is promising that the midwives seem behind it, the mothers’ report glowing appreciation, and there isn’t any opposition. It’s seems the only hindrance is the finances at this planning stage. 

So Sean and I are talking it through. We’re lifting up hopes and dreams. Laying down our pride. A pride that wants there to be some lasting, physical agenda achieved from our time here. The pride that yearns for a legacy screams to be balanced with the calling of a King who calls us to stand and make LIFE happen. 

So we wait in eager anticipation for the things that will be revealed. May it be as you have dreamed it Lord. May we be courageous enough to hear your voice and let our steps resonate your glory. 

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