Doula Training for RFM Hospital Update

As I type this, there is a team of staff, administrators, and midwives at RFM a hospital having a meeting regarding forward progress on training doulas to volunteer and work in their Labor Ward. This is HUGE news! This would mean trained, PAID doulas on staff and present almost every shift in the hospital. The doulas’ ability to care for each woman, or those in high need, could drastically change the atmosphere and outcomes of birth experiences for every mom. It could bless the nurses in allowing them extra support forward the laboring moms as well. Plus!!! They’d be Swazis and long term “answers” to the needs!! Please, please join me in prayer and jubilation! They are discussing all the logistics needed to move forward with hosting a training at the hospital. 

Pray that this project would not go forward if it will not bring God glory. 

Pray that the midwives and future doulas will be a unified front and a force to be reckoned with of compassion, knowledge, and quality care. 

Pray that the trainer would help this transition. 

Pray for the future doula trainees – that we might be connected to them; that the Spirit would be strong in them; that this job would align with their calling and mission; that they might affect great change in this country. 

Pray that God would be glorified and HE would move to transform the labor ward into a wholesome, life-bringing place that births empowered, knowledgeable mothers who ripple affects into their communities, as well as healthy babies. 

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