Recently in Our Lives

I’m doing some internal work about releasing myself from guilt, so I won’t apologize for not blogging lots. However, I recognize I’ve been blogging less, so in an effort to just share a few things, here’s some recent happenings: 

– I decided that assisting our baby in taking naps was a good thing, so I’m trying to do better about that. She responds well and it’s mostly working for us when we’re home. 

Mkhulu Magongo wants to organize a water scheme for his section of Masini. He’s asked Sean for help. Sean asked for a committee. He’s delegated some inquiries and recording of information to said committee. 

– We had rain!! It’s dry season, so it’s usually quite crispy and brown, but twice in the last week we had a nice sprinkle. Enough that outdoor work halted. 

– We enjoyed another Christmas in July party! Such fun to have an excuse to gather with friends, feel connected to our traditions from home (for most of us are from the northern hemisphere), share dirty Santa festivities and enjoy life on a Sunday afternoon. 

– our church’s forward momentum seems to have rolled to a stop. We’re a bit weary of trying to push start this 3 ton car. Onward and upwards! Slowly, but surely we hope! 

– I, Nicole, am enjoying another Beth Moore Bible study with some other missionary ladies. I crave the homework sessions and videos we watch when we’re together – mostly because having someone else teach me fills me. Ah! I love it and love how the Spirit within me is stirred! 

– Yes, I’m gettin pretty excited about home health changes I have seen through the Plexus Worldwide products I’m using and sharing with Sean. 😊 I haven’t earned enough to drop all of our supporters, but I did pay for half of my order through the business. Yahoo!! 

– Speaking of supporters, look for an email from us. We’re aiming to reconnect with folks through Skype, so we’d like make it a date!!! Feel free to contact us with your best times as well! 

– Five months. Cedar Lucile is 5 months old!!! She’s a little peanut of course. She still sports a toothless grin, which I love. She hasn’t rolled over yet, which Sean loves to try enticing her to do. She laughs a lot, is generally quite content, enjoys playing on her tummy, back, or when she’s sitting or standing with our help. Recently she’s become unhappy to watch me in the kitchen. She fusses and groans until I hoist her up and let her hold (and drop!) recipes, mini zucchinis, or wrappers. Her little hand just waves open and closed repeatedly as she stares at it, willing objects beyond her reach to teleport. Her cradle cap has mostly cleared up. I’m still breastfeeding and that’s going well. She is more distracted during the day and would rather play than eat, so I’ve had to get creative when we’re away from home. She squeals a lot, adores her glow-worm and seems to recognize faces on skype! 

– Thor continues his valiant defense of our homestead. The neighbors thought Sean killed their big dog because they heard it yelling mercilessly one night. They were relieved it was only Thor who caught the dog’s hind leg on its way through the fence, terrorizing it as the mongrel tried escaping!

– our garden flourishes! Soon we’ll have bananas from the first tree we planted when we moved her. I can’t wait to feed Cedar her first ethically grown, organic, LOCAL banana! 

– We’ve got a meeting slated in a week to discuss the formation of some farm tours. An idea for small farmers doing creative, lucrative or replicable things to open their farms for anyone to visit and learn on certain days in the month. The visits would rotate location, but also be educational. We’re really excited about talking with 2 other couples practicing permaculture here! 

– We still hope for interns or longer-term folks! 


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One thought on “Recently in Our Lives

  1. Mom Dicken

    Praying for you all! Love Cedar’s pictures!

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