Baby Boehrig Updates

I’m not huge into blogging about my pregnancy, but I know some folks enjoy hearing how it’s all going, so I’m updating one more time.
At 38 weeks, I feel like I can say this pregnancy has gone smoothly. Sure, I’ve got the usual culprits of some back ache and waning energy, but I can’t say there’s been more than the minimal niggles and interruptions. I am very thankful my job is flexible, so if I wake up at 4:30 (this happens more than I prefer!), I can start working, and by the late afternoon, I can be napping!
Sean’s been great throughout, but really helps keep me in check when I’m doing too much. Two weeks ago I overcommitted myself. I had many lovely things to do, but less energy, some serious heat, and not enough sleep led to 3 breakdowns in a week – an amount that surpasses the number of breakdowns I’ve had combined during this pregnancy! So I did a LOT less last week. I focused on eating healthy, exercising, and being stress-free. The result was a much smoother week for us all, as well as, some productive days and an enjoyable last day at the clinic.
Our dear friend and ole partner Brian came to visit us last week, which was really wonderful and infused energy, hope, and encouragement into the work we’re trying to do here.
This week marks our(my) last in Swaziland until after Baby Boehrig is born. On Friday, we’re heading to South Africa with two friends to celebrate Sean’s 30th birthday at the rock crag. Every year his birthday wish is the same: Go rock climbing! Every year I can usually deliver. This year was a bit trickier to plan since I’m not a valid partner (like that harness would fit!). Therefore, I found 2 willing pals who will celebrate with us, climb with Sean, and belay him until his fingers cramp unmercilessly. Now, if baby would just kindly wait until we’re done climbing to kick me into labor, we might promise to give him/her a good name. 😄
It’s likely Sean will drop me in SA, then return to Swaziland for a few days of furious work and completing some final projects.
I’ll be lounging by the pool, staying cool, putting away freezer meals, sewing, exercising, reading books, and whatever else I find to do with my precious moments building up to our delivery.
What’s left?
– Well, we haven’t picked any names out, so we should probably figure that out.
I have to check with Swaziland and South Africa’s home affairs offices as a recent official told us we don’t need a passport, but can acquire an affidavit from right in Nelspruit that will allow us to travel with baby home. Once back in Swaziland, we can get his/her passport from our consulate here. This would be a HUGE blessing, so I’m hopeful.
– Everything else seems about ready. Being a chronic planner, I haven’t exactly waited until the last minute to do anything. Instead, I’ve gotten all the essentials done. At least I think so!
Thanks to those of you who have sent warm wishes, prayers, and gifts. It’s wonderful having you a part of our journey. We are looking forward to meeting baby. At this point, I’m so excited to get into labor, because it means I’m that final step closer to discovering if we’re having a girl (like I think) or a boy (like Sean’s pining for). Only time will tell.

Two friends who are also expecting (1 & 2 months after us) and I at one of the many baby showers we’re gone to over the year.

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4 thoughts on “Baby Boehrig Updates

  1. Mom D

    I am praying for you, Baby Boehring and Sean!

  2. Thanks for the update, we too have no names picked out yet. I’ll be praying for a healthy delivery!

  3. Love it 🙂 Congratulations!

    Thanks for your sweet card in the mail. Did you get our Christmas card and birth announcements?

    Glad to hear you are well. Sarina

  4. Sue bush

    We are praying for all to go well for all of you and to hear whether this is a boy or girl great grandbaby
    We know you are so excited and know that this will be such a fun time for you !! Love, MAA MAA &
    Paa Paa xo

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