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I know many of you are in the thick of winter, huddling in front of fireplaces with your paws wrapped around mugs of seasonally divine hot drinks. We, however, are entering into summer. Our summer solstice fell right before Christmas, so our sun wakes up before 4:30 and keeps us company until about 7pm. With that sun comes some serious heat (heat index of 145 degrees on Christmas!), enough rain to keep the crops going, and long days of productivity.
Back in late November, I took a few garden shots and wanted to update our blog with photos. With a friend visiting, then a Babymoon, and my pregnant brain combined, I never got around to it. However, it’s perfect to show you some comparison shots of how things have changed in exactly a month.

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3 thoughts on “Garden Photos

  1. giveyourselfaway

    It’s time for us to send you another $200 do I send it to the same place as last time or do you have a new preference Happy Christmas and Merry new year

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  2. Mom D

    Wow! One month really makes a difference! Can’t believe how much has changed since we were there 3 months ago. Great to see the pictures/progress!

  3. Josh

    Your space is well tended and beautiful friends! Nicole thanks for sharing pictures. You both (and the little one) are in our regular prayers. We miss you like something fierce and await more updates. Godspeed you two!

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