An Explanation: Why We Haven’t Called & a Skype tutorial

We really, really value keeping in touch with people – including phone calls. I wanted to explain our internet/phone situation, so perhaps we might be able to arrange better ways to make some phone calls to you folks who are interested.

Our internet doesn’t work well most days. We branched out several months ago & got a “dongle”. It’s a little USB device that we charge data (megabites) onto, plug it into our laptops, and then it uses the cell phone signal to transmit wi-fi to our laptop.  Additionally, we have one smart phone that has the same internet capability. It’s about 2 cents per minute to call someone in the USA using our Skype account to call a cell phone. That’s all if it works.

Since our internet runs off the cell phone tower, we’re dependent on cell-phone signal. For some reason, we can have full cell-phone coverage (full bars!), but zero internet speed at our house. Therefore, about the evening time when we’d love to call a friend, chat with a sibling, or call a grandma for her birthday, the internet doesn’t work. Sometimes we drive 5+ miles to go chase down some internet, but as you can imagine that gets quite old, especially when you’re cooking dinner, or it’s dark, or you’re tired.

Good news is: We can receive phone calls from you! If you have a Skype account, you only have to log-on, add some money to your account, then call one of our cell phones. About the time you’d be awake to call us, we’d be wrapping up our workday (EST is 7 hrs BEHIND us, so if it’s 7am in NYC, it’s 2 pm for us). If you call us on your lunch break, we’ll be done with our workday. It can be quite perfect. Granted, the Skype (your account) to our cell phone will cost you $.45/minute, which means you’ll run out of $10 in less than an hour. So if your budget is tight, we get that you can’t call us. BUT if you forgo two lattes a month, hello phone call to the Boehrigs! 

I’ll be honest. Somedays our lack of internet really stresses me out. Sure, I can usually still send and receive emails or Whats App messages, but phone calls from home are out of the question! ;( I actually started praying they’d put up a cell phone tower by our house. haha! I know, it’s probably the most selfish thing, and I should just get used to driving a distance to use internet. I should be thankful it works ANY amount of time (which I am because it’s currently working).

To call our cell phones from Skype:

Option 1: +268. 7627.3299 (for Nicole)         or Option 2: On the Skype’s dial pad, pull down the menu for country

code, select “Swaziland +268”) then punch 7627.3299

+268. 7822.4710 (for Sean)                               Select “Swaziland” then 7627.3299

* You have to add the + sign, which is the code to dial out of the United States (it’s the whole country’s area code so to speak), then you have to dial “268” to dial into Swaziland (SD’s country code).

Anywho. We know we’re the ones who like moved to a foreign country. Got it! Just know that if you get a personal email from us – its our attempt to love on you, know you, and be in touch with you. And if heaven forbid you actually receive a call from an “unknown” or “Florida number” (skype calls route through FL), they listen to your voicemail. It may be your long-lost pals in Swaziland trying to hear your voice. Also, if you’d like to set up a time to chat, we’d love to TRY! Send us an email at We’d love to hear about your lives.

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