Where the Book is (not) Now

In February, I posted about the adventure Kimberly (learn about her here) and I were endeavoring on to write A Book. Refresh your mind on that post here. 

Several months later, I updated folks (read it here) on The Book status. We had finished Phase One, which meant all the chapters (we thought!) were written. We were going to the Anointing and Editing Phase. This meant we probably had at least 66% of the work left to do. Several people committed to pray for us, while others sent us a few helpful links or suggestions of publishers to seek out. We were encouraged and jumped in heartily!

Then, I got pregnant. Kimberly was really pregnant, then had their precious son about 2 months ago. (We’re really thankful for Judah’s triumphal entry into the Iverson family. Yay!). Somewhere in there we got 2 whole chapters edited!!! Please don’t ask how many chapters are slated for The Book. Let’s just say, we haven’t quite breached the 50% done mark yet.

We’re working (barely) as a slower pace, and most weeks just try to pray about working or think about editing.

Please Join Us in Prayers about: 

– Time. Period. We need time. That we might carve aside moments in each week to listen to the Lord and re-make the writings already on the pages. Our lives are busy and we value actually living radically as Christ among our neighbors, as well as writing a book about it.

– Focus. With ministries, families, pregnancies, and life, we really need some focus when we sit to write. That God would multiply each minute we spend writing because we were actually able to focus and not become distracted. I’ve got pregnancy brain. Kimberly has 6 children. We’re both multi-taskers, so it takes a lot of divine intervention and discipline to get us focused.

– Editors. Multiple times, friends have committed to editing portions or chapters for us. We got really excited. One gal actually followed through. Unfortunately, no other editing has happened. We slightly discouraged by this, yet know it’s a lot! We struggle to get editing down and we’re the ones in whose hearts God planted this vision. Perhaps we’ll need to pay a professional. Perhaps we’ll send it off to publishers with no editing. Perhaps once the book is done, the editors will emerge. Perhaps we’ve missed something and have tried crafting results out of our own efforts. Perhaps we sought praise from men, and God’s thwarted that (thank goodness!). Whatever it may be. We have no editors. We think we need editors. May the Lord provide.

– Protection. That God might protect us, our families, the editors who agreed to help us, and the ones in the stories we write about. The Evil One doesn’t like the topics we’re writing on. The Evil One would be pretty delighted if this Book bombed miserably, faiths were destroyed, marriages rocked, and ministries upended in the making of this book. So we ask for protection over all these things and people.

May it be so. 

Thank you to those who join us in prayer. Thank you for those you’ve encouraged us. Thank you to those who inspire us to live at Jesus among our neighbors in revolutionary ways. Thank you for Christ who gives us the example of HOW to live wildly, transformationally, and radically among His people. 

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2 thoughts on “Where the Book is (not) Now

  1. Mom D

    I will continue to pray.

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