“Help! I’ve Fallen off the Pedestal and Now it’s Crushing Me!”

Sometimes Usually people say things better than I can. And when they do, I would just like to share!

“… the pedestal is punishing.  It holds you to standards that are not God’s, and it isolates you from those who love you.  Kick it out from under you.  Kick it far, far away.  Missionaries are no more ‘called’ than anyone else who obeys God’s direction for his or her life:  teachers, doctors, steel workers, pastors, truck drivers, baristas, lawyers.  There is no hierarchy in the Kingdom.  There are simply those who obey and those who don’t.

I confess that I’ve felt pretty important because I’m a missionary  I seek genuine faith and honesty and humility, but in my heart I want some glory. Ahhhhh! It is through these glaring weaknesses that I view the cross and remember my own great need to be saved from myself. May we encourage each other on our journey, and may our encouragements be Living Water to our spirits, not blocks for the pedestals we’ll climb upon so others might praise us. 

The Article Well-Said:

“Help! I’ve Fallen off the Pedestal and Now it’s Crushing Me!”.

How have you fallen?

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2 thoughts on ““Help! I’ve Fallen off the Pedestal and Now it’s Crushing Me!”

  1. Ron Dicken

    Good article! I think it can apply to all christians, no matter where you are. It did for me…

  2. MAA MAA

    I agree …no matter what reason you have for doing something that you think is good and giving to others….it still ends up to be about …..your ……service or giving and you feel some what good to be
    Noticed or told what a good job you did !! PRIDE ….bad word for Christians !!!! We are all guilty most
    Of the time !!!!! Xoxo

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