I’m Emerging

Whew! It’s been good. This social media break. I am (somewhat reluctantly) emerging from my days of internet darkness. Let me tell you, I may spend every other month cutting back! The balance restored to my days when I wasn’t burying my face in my iPhone was, well, gloriously balanced. Keeping up with emails and sending newsletters connected me, so I could engage with friends or family in meaningful ways.
Some quick observations:
1) sometimes my phone died, and I wasn’t stressed about charging it up at night. Just set the watch alarm and snooze away. A dead phone also meant I didn’t reach for media first thing in the morning.
2) I noticed the stars more. Yah, weird, but in my efforts to live with my eyes (and heart!) more open, I found myself looking up and out more often. Hence I noticed the Milky Way. And satellites buzzing past. And the vastness of our universe multiple times this month!
3) I enjoyed reading others’ blogs and updates without this feeling that “Gosh I better write one of my own soon!”
4) Life happened. Hard things. Funny things. Crazy work things. And I felt myself itching to update on Facebook. I had not realized how many times in a day I lived for “oh this would make a good Facebook post.” I’m not anti-Facebook, but I am meagerly trying to notice where I pour my mental energy. Because pour it I do, though it’s often tipped over, and I didn’t even place a glass underneath.
How many is this?) meditating and praying on buses is difficult. It’s much easier to look out the window or talk to my neighbor. But praying while I walk is easy.
6) I think my posture got better. Granted it has digressed quickly as I hunch over this blessed phone for this quick blog.
7) I do like writing blogs. I like writing period. My journal is three times as full in this month as the last year combined!
8) I remember an old friend telling me about The Secret Garden. How at one point the main character (mind you I haven’t read it) had a “secret” rose garden where the flowers were just for her. Gardens are lovely to behold, sit in, work in, and plants are magnificent to share with your friends. But sometimes, you just need to enjoy the roses for yourself. To sit among the flowers, smelling, reveling, smiling. Not for anyone else, but just because your life is good and there’s joy in holding onto a few roses for yourself, even if for a little while.
Here’s to more roses!

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2 thoughts on “I’m Emerging

  1. We have The Secret Garden you can borrow when we get back.

  2. Mom D

    I enjoy my flowers by myself on a regular basis(tonight was one of those). They do remind me of God’s beauty and creativity. Not many people to share them with where I live but I am ok with that.

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