Grateful for Dessert All the Time

I’m a desserts kinda gal. I love to savor a sweet morsel, letting it be the last taste lingering, as I push back from the table. Let’s be honest, my body often shows those signs of “too much” of that good thing.
But I also want to be someone who treasures the sweet moments in life. To pause long, inhale deeply, and be present fully. It’s important. An acknowledgement of the gifts. Of God’s present. This noticing often leads to a thanking. A gratefulness. And so I share with you a recent list.
On any given day when I’m at home, the life desserts I’m thankful for:
1. The teeny birds that sit on the opened window in the morning. Hopping back and forth, tweeting, and fluffing their fat bodies. Waking up, and waking me up while I sit at the desk.
2. Three small half-dressed (c’mon, they’re not wearing pants cuz they’re potty-training, folks!) little boys. Who always run by towards our town’s little shop yelling, “He-woe!” And “How are YOU!” Then five minutes later, they run back the opposite direction shouting, “Good bye!” Repeatedly. Sometimes they call me to the fence and share a precious sweet candy they just bought with their pennies.
3. Thor who barks every time at our landlord when he walks by. Thor making our landlord and us laugh every time.
4. Some adult who walks by while I’m in the garden, shouting, “Sanibonani Ekhaya!” and I laugh because maybe it’s true. When you think someone can’t understand you, just scream louder. Surely that gets the message across to the idiot.
5. Sunflowers blooming and greeting anyone walking up the driveway. Smiling cuz they’re beautiful and we didn’t even plan it like that, but I notice every time.
6. Warm, pink light streaming through the front door when I open it up to great a rising sun.
7. When our rooster goes bonkers when a hen lays an egg. Strutting. squawking. Crowing. Ruckus galore.
8. When Thor runs through the garden to the chicken pen and howls as the rooster (aka Mr. Cogburn) goes on with his Squawking and celebrating. Dog howling. Rooster crowing. Me cracking up. Every. Time.
9. Slippers. Warming my toes as I walk across the concrete floor.
10. Talking to the neighbor once again, about how “those pesky donkeys came and ate our papaya tree leaves and cucumber leaves right over the fence!” Learning that donkeys do, in fact, eat anything they can get their lips on.

Life is not always easy. It’s not always clear how best I might love my neighbors, today. Each day. But there are gifts. And it’s full of desserts. If we can only retrain our eyes and hearts to see them. To see a Creator God who imbibes our stories with rich, sweet joy if we left Him. And I want my body to be one that shows the signs of such deep, abundant joy.

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