Jumping Out of the Closet

I’m doing it. I’m going to tell the world. Okay, it will probably be my few blog followers, but I’m still putting it out there on the World Wide Web.

I’m writing a book. 

My friend Kimberly and I are writing a book together. 

      Kimberly and I lived in Newark together, shared a church family, and started our friendship by praying for one another and challenging ourselves to be Christ to our neighbors. From that friendship of 5 years, God’s birthing a book. (among other things… see Kimberly’s blog for her journey of pregnancy, motherhood, AND writing!)

       We’re writing across oceans, using Skype, email, Evernote, and every medium possible to communicate, write, edit, and share with each other. Writing a book amazes me. 1) Most people who write book think they have something worth sharing, aka they like hearing themselves talk and type and teach. It can all seem a bit conceited right? Right. Interesting thing is I spend most writing sessions battling the voices in my head that say, “There is no way anyone will want to read this.” Anne Lamott says it’s normal. I’m trusting her.

2) Writing a book about being a Radical Tabernacle amongst our neighbors convicts me beyond what I might have imagined. I find myself editing a piece about being Jesus to the thirsty, hungry, and poor, and realize I’m a HUGE failure. Just last week, I slammed the door on Jesus’ face (according to this passage) because I refused to invite Him in, or clothe Him, or even offer a cool drink in His name because I wanted my needs met, and I feared being taken advantage of.

     Maybe I should have been writing a book my whole life. Maybe preparing to bare my ugly, naked, hypocritical, and broken soul to the world would have whipped me into shape quicker than, well, never! There’s nothing like telling people to “cut the crap and get down to this Jesus-light-bringing-business in ALL areas of their lives” during my morning writing time, then stretching out to nap, while closing the door to my neighbors who asked for the Jesus-business in the afternoon. Nothing like grouching at my husband and trying to control him, after admonishing wives to do the exact opposite in Chapter 9. I mean, I’m like a screwed up person, right?

     So this should be a fabulous read for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves. You’ll get to see ourselves laid bare. Our stories told with no holds barred. You’ll get to walk with us through the Old Testament Tabernacle, and watch Jesus unfold before our eyes in that place, while learning to lay ourselves down through the same story.

      There’s still a lot of steps left in our journey of writing, let alone trying to edit this thang, and figure out a cover, and get ‘er published. If anyone is interested in more information, send me an email at boehrig2@gmail.com OR comment below. If you, yourself have written a book, dreamed of it, felt called to it, or have any wise ideas, I would LOVE to hear them. We’re flying blind. Well, okay, God’s kinda been providing each step under our foot before we place it down, but maybe you get to be the step He uses, right?

      If nothing else, this blog post puts it out there. There’s no stopping us now!

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10 thoughts on “Jumping Out of the Closet

  1. Rachel Gross

    You are such a great writer – this can only be good!! I look forward to buying a copy.

  2. i love the title/premise. I love the idea that you are the ark of the covenant (container of God’s presence) alot. You carry God’s covenant inside you. You are full of mysterious power. wow!

  3. Paul

    I can see you do this. And I would not be surprised to find similarities in your writing to that of Anne Lamott. And I like her writing. So, looking forward to the end result.

    • Mm thanks, Paul. GLad it’s consistent with me, so I don’t have to fake it!

      • Paul

        obviously consistent with you. the point was the similarity of your story telling style to that of ann Lamott.

  4. Woohoo! on this writing endeavor. It will be a miracle when we finish! Might just have to take a trip to Swaziland to celebrate.

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