it’s Moving Time . . .

it’s Moving Time. . .

The lovely family we ‘rent’ our home from are moving in December. That means before we leave, end of November, we have to sort out a new place to live. In no special order:

Option 1: Convince the NEXT renters from the Taylors’ house to allow us to store our things in our current home until we return in January.

Option 2: Maseni – rent a house there; and eventually move onto a permanent piece that the chief will give us, OR Glorious will lend to us

Option 3: By some grande miracle, Brian’s house comes open & we’re able to move in there. . .

Sean &  I recognize that within the next 30 days, our lives could/will drastically change. We see this ‘being forced’ to move as a great opportunity to dive into a permanent home. Our hearts live in Maseni, but we’re trying to remain open, closing no doors, exploring all options.

Please join us in prayer over choosing wisely. May all the doors be closed except the one we’re to walk through. What an adventure!

a Blessing of Time

Monday, we returned from Joburg, where we dropped off our 4 guests. What a rich, rich, wonderful, blessed, encouraging time with had with these chaps. Some old faces, most of them new. All of them dear to our hearts. They braved the African cold and rain, dancing out some serious cob for the oven the community built in Make Kwebu’s home in Maseni. They planted several beds in our shop garden, heard stories, shared insights, and just encouraged us with their presence. We miss them, and are tired. So I reckon that’s good evidence of the beautiful time we shared.

a Visit to the States, soon

Sean & I fly across the pond, end of November. We look forward to spending the holidays with our families. If you’re a “closet” reader of this blog, a friend, or supporter and wonder where we’re heading, and if we could spend time with you, please shoot us an email. [] We’d love to communicate about how to share stories and encourage each other. We may also spend time with our current, committed supporters, friends, and fundraise a bit.

We have PLENTY of work to do before our trip, and will have PLENTY to do while in the States, so I pray for peace, presence of spirit and mind, plus windows of rest and learning. Sean’s looking forward to spending time with family and catching up on ‘studious’ things to read. I’m excited for the cups of warm drinks I’ll share with family & friends, the hearts I’ll get to hug, snowy days, and people.


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2 thoughts on “it’s Moving Time . . .

  1. Dave Fishback

    Moving on up!! To a deluxe apartment in MASENI!!

    Are you guys even old enough to know The Jefferson’s!?

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