Little Things, Tired, Muchness

Prayers and encouragements are welcome.

I’ll be honest, the last few days have been hard. After a car crash that left me with only mild road rash on my right arm (no injuries, for real!), but a total-ed Land Rover, you can imagine the emotions we’ve experienced lately.

Fear. Gratitude. Shame (?). Relief. Grief. Hope. Thanksgiving. Peace. and Wonder.

Pile that on top of the loss of a beloved Uncle of mine who I (nicole) spent too little time with the last 4 years. Pile on that grief. Pile on a difficult doula case that’s left me feeling at a loss for action. Plus some hormones & a few other things. and whew! I just got back from a refreshing training in Addo, South Africa, friends, but this sister is tired!

At first, the accident left me energized, feeling ready to live deeply and fully. Very Thoreau like – “suck the marrow out of life” and all that goodness. Then, I just didn’t have the energy to do it. (Fair enough, body, I’ll listen to you and rest. You did take a beating, even if you didn’t bleed or have bruises to show for it…) So today, I feel rather solemn. Maybe it’s the clouds. Perhaps the day in the month aka nothing related.

Regardless the reason, I feel solemn. So if you find yourself doing some meditation, or praying this week and having extra time, please consider my thoughts.

I am only a very little soul: bringing little things to you, Lord.

I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.  – Psalm 34:4

I long to be a woman whose little things add up to something God can use.

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3 thoughts on “Little Things, Tired, Muchness

  1. Kelly

    Though I do not know you I feel your aches. I will definitely keep u in my prayers. I want u to know I enjoy your updates of life there as my husband and two children live our lives here in
    Md. for now. Peace to you.
    Kelly hegarty

  2. Mom Dicken

    I pray you feel God’s arms, as well as mine, surrounding you and comforting you.

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