Around Home

I’m attaching some recent photos from around our place. The pictures of plants are ones from our house, NOT the colossal garden Sean and Glorious grow. Enjoy and comment below!
Below: eggplant and carrots in a pot. See the gorgeous purple blooms?

Below: a heirloom pea. Seeds from our sweet friend, Shelly in South Carolina

Below: calendula- medicinal AND beautiful. Nicole started them from seeds. Nothing like tending to this treasure each day at a time! 20130818-072623.jpg

Below: Since the Taylor’s “gardener” waters continuously, Sean dug a bed to catch the overflow from the leaking hose. Nicole planted kale, chard, lettuce, spring onions, beets, loofa, and sweet peas. 20130818-072652.jpg

Below: the new cluckers. Notice how DRY the grass is. Not a worm or bug for them to eat in our winter. No rain=kitchen scraps for the ladies & gent!20130818-072707.jpg

Below: the traditional Swazi “silulu” is a hand-woven basket for chickens to roost in. Nicole wired them into the corners for laying and safe sleeping. 20130818-072720.jpg

Below:Sunday is Luke’s free day. He’s a brilliant builder (in my opinion), who helped with Brian’s house. They’re building Lorena stoves, drinking coffee, planning houses to build and laughing. 20130818-072730.jpg

Instead of weed whacking it all, the guys hired by the landlord decided to burn it. It’s crispy out here, so everything caught, ruined some water lines, and torched the woods behind our place. THEN showed up at 10:30 pm (the guys), drunk, asking for food. Slightly hilarious that Guy 1 tried to say the stumbling around & and slurring was from hunger. They might be out of a job…20130818-072744.jpg

Below:Nicole’s mini-bed. Heirloom kale, calendula, spinach, with cilantro on the other side. A lemon tree starting in the big bucket. Then 4 avocado trees, plus a pineapple in the back…

Manna bought a dirtbike, primarily to save the Boehrigs’ on petrol & wear on our truck. If we drove it everywhere, we’d spend 1/6th on gas. That’s $50 instead of $400!l

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2 thoughts on “Around Home

  1. Mom Dicken

    So fun to see your lives in pictures. THat’s a big smile on Sean’s face!!

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