A Bold Ask Turns into an Invitation

We’re in folks. I’m in! After 7 months of wondering, praying, planning, being with laboring women OUTSIDE, I just heard from the midwife. And I’m allowed inside the labour ward with clients I’ve been working with.
When I asked her what else I needed to do, she said, “Just come with the woman and introduce your self. It’s fine.” Just. Like. That.
You know the difference? This time I asked.

Keep on asking, and you will recieve what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. –

There I was praying for someone to invite me, asking for wisdom and patience, and knocking on the labour ward door, but not being allowed to enter. Then my ingenious life partner says, “Don’t you think it’s time to just ask the midwife you know if you can volunteer now?”
No. In fact, I didn’t because I was afraid. What if she said no? What then? I kinda believed that a “no” would translate to “not now. Not ever. Definitely not and we hate you.” Whew! good thing my Ole Life Partner advised me.
You see, people had been telling me to “look elsewhere”. I felt a bit unsettled when well-meaning folks suggested this. Wondering if I was foolish for sticking it out at RFM, the not-the-greatest-hospital-in-SD gig.
But I have invested time in knowing people here, and I feel like it happens to be the one with the greatest need. The Private Women and Children’s hospital could be great, but they don’t struggle like RFM. So I felt committed to RFM, not wanting to ask oermission for entrabce, but also not wanting to look elsewhere.
I thought the only way we would know this was meant to be, was if I did nothing. Sat back and waited for it to drop in my lap. Forgetting that sometimes we must ask the actual people involved in the situation. Sometimes I need to use the brain God gave me to get up and do it.
Suffice it to say I did not even use the eloquent speech skills God gave me. Nope. I just sat down with the midwife, after asking her how she was. I blurted out, “Well, basically, I was wondering if it’d be possible for me to start volunteering in the Ezezeni?.” Hah I don’t know what came over me. But that’s what came out. Really ? (There was a huge internal groan!)
I guess it’s good to state directly your desire, ask boldly, and smother it with prayer as you walk out, hitting yourself in the face. Pretty sure that was a “I’m-going-to-use-the-least-of-your-clan-a-lowly-screwup-to-do-something-great-for-The-Kingdom” kind of moments.

Let the games begin!!!! And may many be inspired and know Christ’s love for the way I care for these future women.

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3 thoughts on “A Bold Ask Turns into an Invitation

  1. Teresa Peck

    WOO-HOO! I love reading your updates! You have a talent for saying it like it is honestly and beautifully! It is great watching you and Sean find your way with the Lord!. Love you guys.

  2. Mom Dicken

    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, God! I am anxious to see what all God does through this situation.

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