the Faithfulness of our YHWH

It happened on the toilet this morning. God’s faithfulness showed up again. First, a prayer.

Please prompt people’s hearts to give. So Sean can buy some more ministry-related items and our needs are met. We’re doing this George Mueller style this time, God. Do it up!

Last week someone heard of our wild adventure in South Africa with an epic 17-day stay with our car being repaired. They donated enough to cover the car repairs AND accommodation we stayed in for 3 nights.

Sean mentioned this week, he thought of phoning a specific person to ask about them giving to our ministry budget. With water pumps, building stoves, and more garden seeds, he worried we’d drain our ‘personal’ account for ‘ministry’ stuff. He hadn’t gotten around to calling yet. Today, I checked the account, the exact person he thought of calling had donated.

One of our great, committed, monthly supporters fulfilled their year commitment to our lives and ministry. So, we won’t have that $50 each month. You know what? Another chance for God’s faithfulness to show up. Today, when I checked our account, another donation of $300. That’s enough to cover 6 MONTHS of the other’s supporters’ support.

Are we surprised by God’s faithfulness? Or do we expect it? Does the faithfulness always show up in money? Certainly, I believe His presence is … well, always there. And so he’s faithful in ALL things. However, our materially-minded, I-want-to-stick-my-fingers-in-Jesus’-side-doubting-Thomas sides can’t help but to believe when our bank accounts reflect it.

Hah! Thank You. And a big thanks to the 5 people whose hearts are so open to a God that divinely using THEM as hands and feet. Your awareness of His presence, and response to it, encouraged our hearts and reminded our feeble memories that Yes. Indeed God hears and is present.* 

*Let it be known I’m not a “Lord, give me money, so I can be rich” gal. NOR do I believe God’s responses to our requests are always this easy or clear. But, gosh, it’s fun when every once in a while, they are!

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One thought on “the Faithfulness of our YHWH

  1. Mom Dicken

    God is good!

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