What We’re up to

I just posted on our other blog, two posts, which may update you a bit. I’m not sure why I still have two blogs, but hope to sort that out soon. šŸ˜€ until then…
I guess I’m turning 27 soon. I had dreams of running 26 miles while 26. I think that’ll be an epic fail. Seeing as 3 at a time is all I do.
We’re using my birthday as a chance to see another part of South Africa. Graskop is where we’re headed. That’s right. We’re staying at a self catering place, which means I’ll be cooking at an indoor kitchen, with an oven, for a celebration. There’s a fireplace and I’m taking books. I expect some rich time of reflection, contemplation and meditation. Your prayers and good vibes for good times of stretching myself.
Saturday Sean’s taking this kick start pump to the river, and meeting the community’s women at 7 am. I’m going to watch the master in action and have fun. Neat thing. He and Brian checked it out the other day. These women were saying, “Can I give you money everyone month, and when I have enough for the pump, you’ll sell it to me.” Sean’s clear about “no mahala” – free stuff. But these ladies don’t need his usual speech. I’m already writing myself notes to TAKE pictures. We suck at documenting our lives.
We eat from the garden a lot. Below are some fresh pickings we used in our last pizza night.


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