Life As I Know It

She’s been sneaking into my room in the morning, snuggling up under the covers, and gently waking me. She sticks around when I sip warm tea on this cooool morning, but leaves when I disgruntledly wash Sean’s breakfast dish because he left in a rush. For some reason, She’s not around when I complain or feel sorry for myself or give into selfish desires. Ha! But I’ve noticed her when I said, “No” to buying a chocolate bar. Is it really that simple to keep Joy around as my constant companion?
Mostly, I’m amazed at how she doesn’t often come alone. When I wake with her as the sun filters through the blue of our handmade curtains, I’m delighted to see She brought friends. Gratitude. And Peace isn’t long off either!
More of such moments I’ve experienced:
– chilly mornings and warm blankets
– coffee (decaf!) and laughter shared with this expecting mother between her mild contractions, hearing how mutually blessed we both feel to know each other. Feeling the Gift deep in my chest.
– sitting on the ‘stoop’, observing my friend’s husband who works so hard (a bit of a rarity in these parts). Talking about her children, how someone cheated her, how she hasn’t a garden because carting river water takes so long. How she’s hungry. Thankful I have eyes to see and ears to hear her. And a long-term investment in Hope.
– the silliness of the women waiting in the Waiting House to birth their kiddos. The simplicity of their questions. How personal they get when they ask me questions. Realizing one of their great joys is bearing children. The compassion they see when they realize I have no children.
– their silliness as they decide I have a dog as my child.
– being with these women. Asking questions. Answering questions. Leaning in to have them repeat once again, so I can learn these foreign words.
– creating a siSwati sentence in my head, saying it, then getting it right. Adding a fist-pump because it truly is a triumph.
– realizing I just fist-pumped in front of Swazis. Hah! More of Joy rushes in.
– the gift of this teacher, who gets what I’m about- or does a great job faking it!- and tirelessly helps me translate doula- sentence after doula sentence.
– Sean thanking me for making some delicious bread.
– a puppy who only wants to be loved, play, sleep, be curious, sit on my lap, and snack on food.
– laughter. At all things breaking.
– when my life companion doesn’t complain at yet-again spending long days, 4 in a row taking our car’s engine out, finding parts, getting them made, and putting it back together.
– the car working after he’s through with repairs. (Well, he’s not to this stage yet, but there is great gratitude in knowing he’ll get there and it will work!)
– realizing The Lord knew I’d need a patient bush-mechanic. Who’d teach me about genuine generosity and open-hands.
– turning off the phone I’m writing from. Knowing I’ll throw back my head and arms. Watch the Trio flood in again. And walk, with an open heart to the bus stop.

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4 thoughts on “Life As I Know It

  1. Great Post, Nicole! I love getting windows into your life there. I pray for you (nearly) every morning and every morning I tell myself I need to email you. Well I finally went to go do it this morning and I had this lovely post waiting for me in my inbox. Know that you are loved, thought about, and prayed for, dear friend! May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus be upon you this day!

  2. Mom Dicken

    I feel like I just spent a few days with you when I read this! I love you so much and truely appreciate the gift of writing God has given you.

  3. Dave

    Thanks for sharing your perspective and gift with us this way!

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