Dreams Take a Long Time

Dreams. Goals. Visions. Purpose. Life’s work.
We all harbor a personal meaning for these words and what impact we let them have on our day-to-day. The big and small. Too often we ignore, down play, or give up on those dreams. Regardless if you rely on your dreams to be guided by yourself, God, the needs in the world, the way you’re wired, or a fun combination of all of the above – our dreams matter. Our dreams really matter. (see a blog from a year ago concerning this)
I, too, have had visions of what my life would be like. I’ve even written out a list of “Life-long Dreams”. Items range from “learn to surf” to “be a missionary in another country”. All of my dreams – whether menial or weighty – are there to guide me. This list reminds me of my values, direction, divine callings, and purpose. Learning to surf speaks to my need for adventure, reminds me to challenge myself, to not live in complacency, etc.
In all of this defining, discussing, and pursuing of dreams, I’m seeing that these things are slow in the coming. I’ve had live in another country as a missionary on the list since 2002! speak another language fluently has been there since 2005. These dreams take time.
As comfort for myself in this matter, I looked up some promises and dreams in the Old Testament that took time.
Abram: in Genesis 12, God told Abram,”I will give this land to your descendants.” Before Isaac was born Abram moved to a new country, had his wife married to the Pharoah, got kicked out of Egypt, split ways from his nephew, rescued Lot from captivity, slept with a servant (we often do try to control things when these dreams don’t happen like we want them too!), got his name changed by God, aged 24 years. THEN he had a son.
I’m amazed at all of the negative things that Abram and Sarai persevered through before God’s promise was fulfilled! I’m pretty sure it still works that way.
In 2002, I would have destroyed whichever country I was living in if I’d gone to ‘do mission.’ The Lord knows what He’s doing.
Some days here, when I don’t have any ‘thing’ to do. When Sean and I argue about something stupid. Or I crave to just watch a movie and ‘veg out’, I can really start to complain in my heart. Just little things like a deep sigh. Ugh! Here I am- doing nothing. Not getting one step closer to achieving any dreams. but I mustn’t live in those moments, nor let those toxic thoughts live.
I mustn’t let these thoughts live because I’m in the midst of living several dreams – some I’ve dreamt up, others that God gave me a vision for. Here are the dreams I’m thankful for today:
– being married to my best friend
– living in another country as a missionary
– speaking another language fluently (yes! One intensive week of siSwati lessons under our belt)
And there’s a few ongoing dreams that constantly are revisited.
Hey! Nicole, that’s not a bad list. And all of those dreams have been brewing for almost ten years. TEN YEARS. So if it takes a year of study before I’m fluent in siSwati, no big deal, Self. That’s ten times faster than it took to get the dream started. If there are slooooow days, no problem. Dreams take time. Promises fulfilled 24 years later are still promises fulfilled.
And really that long process blesses us more because I get to say that I’ve been living my dream for 11 years instead of just 11 months!
May we avidly pursue our Purpose in living with each breathe. May we rest patiently as these Purposes take time and challenge us. May we have wisdom to know how to proceed.

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4 thoughts on “Dreams Take a Long Time

  1. Mom Dicken

    I am so happy for you to be living your dreams and seeing God in your life!

  2. Great post, Nicole! Such good things to think about, especially in the season of life I am in right now!! Thanks so much!

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