Three Weeks In

Our search for an economical, practical, durable, able-to-hold-lots-of-people-and-things vehicle has taken us to South Africa this week. The trip worked in conjunction with errands of several other people, so we carpooled and split gas money.

Here’s an update blurb from our newsletter that we sent out (dated last week):

In the Last 2 Weeks, we . . .

  •      flew into South Africa and arrived safely in Swaziland
  •     set up our tents and arranged an outdoor kitchen.
  •   visited a church, walked around Brian’s community and made some friends.
  •     made attempts at learning language.

In the Next 2 Weeks, we hope to . . .

  •        find a language tutor and begin some formal training
  •        purchase some form of transportation
  •        explore some more land possibilities
  •        establish a rhythm of life that aligns us to God, each other, our teammates, and our purpose here

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3 thoughts on “Three Weeks In

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  2. Mom Dicken

    Great to see you all!

  3. mld

    Glad to see you safe and adventurous, Gram D

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