How to Set-Up Skype

How to Set-Up Skype Instructions:

1. Go to the Skype Web site ( to download and install the Skype software. Skype comes with a step-by-step setup wizard. Simply follow the instructions to download and install Skype. This should only take a minute or two.
2. Choose a Skype user name. It can be whatever you like, provided it’s not already taken. You will also need to choose a password.
3. Sign in with your user name and password.
4. Add your friend to your contacts. Click “Add Contacts.” Enter your friend’s Skype user name (n-dicken is our skype name!) to perform a search. Select your friend’s name from the list of contacts and click “Add.” Send it and wait for your friend to accept your connection request.
5. Check your sound. Make sure the sound on your computer is working and is on. You will either need a microphone and speakers or a headset (recommended) to use Skype. Test the sound quality by selecting and clicking “Skype Test Call” and following the voice prompt’s instructions.
6. Select your friend’s contact name and click the big green phone button. Doing so will “call” your friend, and Skype will ring on your friend’s computer.7. When we, you can start your conversation. Right-click your friend’s icon for advanced options during your call, such as “mute” (to mute your side of the call), “hold” (to put your friend on hold to take another call), “start chat” (allows you to send text chats during your call) or “send file” (should you wish to send a photo, link or document).

To hang up, simply click the big red button. Or if you’re already open in your contact’s options, select “hang up.”

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How to Call our Cell Phone in Swaziland from Skype:

1. Login to your Skype.

2. Click the + at the bottom or select “Add a Contact”. Under “add a phone number as a contact”, drop down type our name like “Boehrig’s SwaziCell”. Select “Swaziland” in the drop-down menu. Then add this number: 762.73.299 (if calling from skype, you don’t need the country codes, skype does that for you when you select Swaziland as our country)

3. Select ‘add number’.

It DOES cost you $0.23/minute. Therefore you’ll need to add skype credit in order to call us. Again, totally secure. We do this a lot. Here’s how: 

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3 thoughts on “How to Set-Up Skype

  1. Pingback: How to: Keep in touch w/ the Boehrigs « Exposed

  2. BRILLIANT IDEA, Nicole, to tell everyone how to contact you guys!! Never would have thought of posting it, but of course, you are much more intelligent than I am.

  3. 😉 And now that we’ve got the iphone, we’ll be able to skype straight from our phone. Technology can be a curse at times, but it can be a blessing as well. Does this mean I can expect to hear from you? 😉 Send us your skype name if you like. . .

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