How to: Keep in touch w/ the Boehrigs

There are THREE ways to easily be in touch with Sean & Nicole while they’re living in Swaziland. Please don’t be overwhelmed by the difference this type of communication will be. Let’s be grateful that technology is on our side, affordable for some people, and we’re still only  a phone call away! 

1) Email us @   Thanks to a sweet friend, we now have a smart phone & will be able to check email on our smart phone with ease! We know email is not everyone’s desired method of contact, but it’s really great.

If you would like to be added to our Monthly Newsletter Updates, please email us, or comment below. 

2) Skype us. Calling is also easier than you think. We’ve easily set up our parents to call. But if you’re new to skype, here’s a quick blog link that gives you a step-by-step. Our skype name: n-dicken (yup! still using the old one) Please add us as a contact. That whenever we sign on, we can see if you’re available & chat with you!

3) Call us via skype. You log on to your skype. You call our Swazi phone #. Our SW #: (011-268) 762.73.299 When calling with SKYPE – you DO NOT USE THE COUNTRY CODES in ()s. It costs $0.23/minute for you (and nothing for us). Approximately $10 will allow 45 minutes of talking. This is the cheapest way to call, & we have been able to talk to Brian in Swaziland several times. The connections can sometimes get dropped, but just call us back! 🙂 Swaziland is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Therefore if it’s noon on the east coast, it’s 6pm for us. If you want to call us when you’re off of work at 5 pm, it’s 11pm. Please call us anyways. For once in your life, please DO NOT be polite. We would love nothing more than being woken up by a call from those we love at  2 in the morning! 

4) Follow our blog(s). & On the right-hand tool bar, under “Email Subscription”, click “Sign me up!”. Type in your email address. I promise WordPress will ONLY email you when we add a new post. No spam! Seeing as we’ll be updating our blog several times in a month, and only emailing newsletters once a month, the blog will give you MORE information.

We are really excited to continue staying in touch with our friends and family. Sean & I have made financial commitments and extended our ‘communication’ budget in order to be able to make some monthly calls to family. However, it still costs us $1.00/minute to call from our cell phones to the States. Therefore, we’ll be using things like Skype and email more frequently. Thank you for being patient with us while we figure out what’s best for us & you! Know we love you, we want to hear about your good days, bad days, hopeful moments, struggles, and successes, just as we always have. 

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2 thoughts on “How to: Keep in touch w/ the Boehrigs

  1. jeff medders

    subscribe me

    • Hey Jeff. I’d love to, but I don’t think I have the power to add you. 😉 If you look on this page at the right-hand tool bar, you’ll see a spot that says, “EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION.” Click the “Sign me up!” Just input your email from there. Thanks for following us and being in touch. 🙂 Grace & Peace

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