Yesterday’s Reading

Well, I have to post this because it’s sooooo good. I have really been challenged by and reveled and rested in The Common Book of Prayer : A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals. Yesterday’s reading (Aug 7) had elements that are all my favorites.

– “It is Well” is my second, most-cherished hymn

– Psalm 37 was one that’s been written on my heart, although I look at it in a totally different light these days. Now that I’m gardening, thinking about gardening, and planning for our new garden in Swaziland, these words resonate with me: “Put your trust in the Lord and do good : dwell in the land and feed on its riches.”  It’s as if the ‘doing good’ and ‘trusting in the Lord’ are evidenced by inhabiting a corner of creation and feasting on the food that comes from it. How sacred are the moments. I especially love my friends’ picturing of this at the Ubuntu Village. 

St. Augustine’s words also mean a lot. ” Our pilgrimage on earth cannot be exempt from trial. We actually progress by means of trial. We do not know ourselves except through trial.” Most of my life, I’ve spent thinking that since imagery of G-d is associated with light, and Evil with darkness, that G-d cannot be in the darkness. How wrong am I? It’s actually in a lot of the darkness that’s there space, desire, and acceptance of God’s character and grace. Perhaps I struggle to find Him because my life is full of soooo much light. Now, I’m not exactly praying for the dark, but instead, being content when I am in that darkness, knowing that I can still see and will not be overwhelmed.

Honestly, I just love everything about Common Book of Prayer, so I wanted to share!

Yesterday’s Reading

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