Happy Independence.

Dear Self, 

On this day that marks your country’s independence, may you not be SO free.

Don’t get so free that you forget to know your neighbor

Don’t count yourself so ‘blessed’ by God

that you forget those who seem so ‘unblessed’

But may you be free

FREE to be yourself

To know who you are and uniquely let her shine!

Be free to dance when people are looking

and even when they’re not.

Be free to love little ones, and old ones, and wide ones, and thin ones.

Be free to love anyone who’s different than you.

Be free to Laugh. REALLY guffaw! And share it freely.

Free yourself from people’s expectations, your own worries, and expectations.

Be free to drink deeply from life’s marrow (Thank you Thoreau.)

and not look back to see if anyone’s following.

skip. hop. run through sprinklers. let the wind throw your hair. and then throw caution to it. give. share. take much. hold little. giggle, color books, read books. listen to your elders. wiggle your toes. be barefoot. travel. stretch. grow. stand on your head. explore. wonder.

Dear Self, may you always hold the delight-for-life of when you were six, confidence of when you were 16, and courage of when you were 26. On this Independence Day, may you be free. But not so free you forget to love.

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One thought on “Happy Independence.

  1. Kelly killough

    Nicole, you INSPIRE me!! Happy 4th and I LOVE YOU!!!!! Xoxo

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