Murk, Dustbowls, and May

Eclectic and random are summing up this month. Incredible and inspiring have added themselves to the list from this weekend.


My father doesn’t like the water. Something about a swimming ear. Alls I know is the last time I saw that man more than chest-deep in a body of water, was after mowing the lawn in Alabama. *Ahem* That was about 13 years ago. However, after one anniversary cruise, a snoobaing event, and some down time, this man, my father, decided the WHOLE family needed to get scuba certified. Mom, the sisters, the son-in-laws. Yup all SEVEN of us. May has been a reckless month of abandoning work after lunch and attending classes. We’re lucky we got out with all of our jobs in-tack. However, the murky waters of DiNardo’s Quarry only produced ONE lousy fish in the two days of Open Water.

As our luck would have it, we’ve got our OBX Rassman-Family-cram-30-people-into-one-rental-home-for-a-week-Vacation next week. If these tropical storms don’t raise mud off the ocean floor, we’ll get to see some REAL fish without the murk.

Heavens! You’d think it was August in Texas the way the lawns, fields, and gardens look ’round here! Ohio has not been as damp as we would like it. Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to thwart my garden’s growth, things are spurting up all around. I did my Kale Dance last weekend when I saw those puppies popping up! Mistook Okra for Spinach (hey! these seeds are heirloom, I don’t know what I’m looking for). I spent several days telling people about my really interesting dark green, hairy-leaf spinach. I got soooo curious to see if it’d be hairy by the time it came for eatin’! Alas, people, it’s okra. Okra’s supposed to be hairy. All is well – even with the heirlooms.

My patty pan squashes have yet to rear their cute, little heads, but perhaps today’s late morning shower will give them the swift kick in the pants they’ve been waiting for!


May has been a filled-to-the-brim kinda month. It started with a quick trip to Arkansas to drive Stacey back from college. And it’s ending with a casual afternoon getting ready to go to Nags Head. I’ve gotten two part-time jobs, gave one to Stacey because it was too much, turned down another. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I’m blessed to be at Lamppost Farms. Sean came to the gardens one evening (after a scorcher day) to help me finish some transplanting. He asked, “You learning all this stuff about gardens?”

“A bit each day. More the rhythms than anything.”

“Good!” he said, “Cuz I need you to.” We’ve realized there’s MUCH for us to learn in the last several months before we arrive in Swaziland, so we’re dividing things up. Currently I’m supposed to be mastering ‘gardening’ and some aspects of our ministry, while he’s perfecting some building skills, saw milling, and cows. Of course these areas overlap. For instance, the days I work at Lamppost, we BOTH move the cows to new paddocks, release the layer hens from their coop, move the pasture-raised meat chickens, milk Penny, and feed the chicks. Most days we have a lot of fun talking with each other, sharing the work, and noticing something new about the animals. It is with these rhythms that we see the Joy of Life Close to Creation unfolding. How sweet it is! At this rate, who knows what June will hold.

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