Wound a little Tightly

My efforts to have fast hands and a slow heart has been a bit more down than up. I’m not surprised. But I’m not finished yet either.

Take this morning for example. I snoozed 20 minutes past the 6:32 wake up call. Sean and I pulled our weary bodies from bed. I immediately started editing pamphlets for our summer camp. We sent some notes, updated some spreadsheets, made some lists, checked things off. At 8:15 I remembered I’d forgotten to eat breakfast. I packed my bags with lunch, dinner, two pairs of shoes, changes of clothes, water and sunscreen. At 8:28 I remembered I STILL hadn’t eaten breakfast. “We gotta go.” At 8:32 I wolfed Raisin Bran down while getting dressed and brushing my teeth.

It’s a wonder Sean said in the car as he rubbed my hand, “Babe, you’re wound a little tightly this morning.”

You noticed? Hah. Yup he noticed. It took a lot of breathing, reminding, forgetting, and reminding to come back to the slow heart as I raced to the horse farm.

The day wasn’t some great victory. The week hasn’t been flawlessly peaceful. Nope. It’s been pretty face-paced with ‘lots’ to do. But you know what? There’ve been a few moments. I’m counting them constantly. Holding them tightly. Celebrating them slowly. Stopping to notice.

  • Singing along with the radio on my way to work
  • Learning about abscesses, scratching horses’ noses
  • a thoroughbred’s head on my shoulder
  • a sighing thoroughbred’s head on my shoulder
  • sighing myself
  • BLUE skies and WHITE clouds
  • 7 hours of my thoughts (a bit scary, but nice to sit with them)
  • the robin that hopped along
  • a fat, roly-poley groundhog running for dear life as I chase him with the weed-wacker
  • stopping to LAUGH at the groundhog!
  • getting off 45 minutes early and paid for it. Woo hoo!
  • taking a shower and eating dinner NOT on the run! ahhhhhhh
  • play practice (don’t worry, I’m just subbing for backstage help)
  • Catching myself humming “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow” as I take out the compost. 
  • sitting in bed and observing as my whirring mind starts to slow
I‘m holding them tightly. Celebrating them slowly. Stopping to notice. 
Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow. Praise Him All Creatures Here Below. 


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