$10 date night, updates, and plans

Recently, I realized that we’ve been on the road since the end of August. That’s SEVEN months of living with people, traveling, floating along, working odd jobs to pay bills, working odd jobs to save up money. Sometimes we sleep in a spare bedroom. Other times in tents. Currently we’re staying in our bus. It has been quite the adventure, and it ain’t over yet!

Because we’re constantly in a state of ‘visiting’ people, we do have to work hard to guard our time together. OR just carve some out. It’s really easy to not intentionally have that time. Two weeks ago, I was feeling “disconnected” and prone to fighting with Sean. We quickly realized we needed some ‘special time.’ So we took $10 (a lot to us!) and went out. We caught a flick at the Cheap Seats for $1 each. Then there was the obligatory ice cream stop at Handel’s – made fresh, on site, everyday. We ate it in the park. Swung our legs back and forth, forth and back as we sat on the tail bed. Played frisbee. Laughed. Hung out. This fun, can be yours for $10. or less. What a treat to enjoy each other’s company!

Now we’re in Indiana. Plans are to stay here for a month. Soaking up the joy of our dear friends. Yesterday was pretty amazing. Kicked off the especially good goodness with a dumpster dive behind the grocery store. We scored 7 pints of blackberries, 2 spaghetti squash, 4 quarts of strawberries, 2 cucumbers, a bag of oranges, a HUGE box of green beans, 2 peppers, and a bunch of asparagus. YUM! Quite astounding to see the great condition that most of the food was in. We ate like Kings and Queens yesterday. Blackberry cobbler, asparagus, Pheasant of the Woods, green beans, and twice-baked potatoes. Ohhhh buddy we ate WELL!

Sean's Blackberry Cobbler with Lattice

Sean's Blackberry Cobbler with Lattice

Upcoming plans: continue fundraising, share our story with new people, read issues of “Stockman Grass-Farmer”, make bank from odd jobs, read Funding Your Ministry, help in the garden, workout plenty, spend time with those we love. Get good nights of sleep in the bus.

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2 thoughts on “$10 date night, updates, and plans

  1. Mom Dicken

    You are getting fancy, Sean! Looks Yummy!

  2. So fun to hear about ya’lls frugal creativity!!! You inspire me!

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