Change looks Good

Spring has come early this year. At least in some places. All the places I’ve been, it’s been much warmer, less wet, and all the trees have started budding. My parents’ have a Blossoming Pear Tree that started blooming last week. The white buds exploded almost overnight. Instead of snow blanketing things white in March, these blooms are a fragrant, welcome change.

The most delightful change, however, came several days after the tree turned white . . . it started to turn green! I may incriminate myself here, but I’ve never seen this before. I’ve never noticed. Noticed that there’s this switch-change newness where verdant green emerges from the blooming white. There are billions and trillions of trees that I’ve ‘seen’ bloom and be green. But I’ve never noticed the change before this one.

And now, I’m seeing it everywhere. Driving down the road, I stare intently at every tree, each bush, waiting to watch the change. Hoping to capture the magic.

Isn’t it like that? We think we’re doing good paying attention. We’re listening to our partner, stopping to order & smell some roses, thought we were performing well at work, or were proud that we took a moment to enjoy the buds of Spring. And then we realize there’s more. More delight to be shared, more mystery to be unveiled.

Call me crazy, or perhaps it’s just a tree blooming. But you know what, every moment I spend looking at that tree is joy. Excitement. Awe. Worship. Thanks. Laughter. So if I’m delusional, please let me be. I’m quite peaceful staring at this tree and thinking it’s a miracle.

Blossoming Pear Tree

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