Delightfully Spring!

Every Spring of my life that I can remember, I always look forward to it expectantly. Whether I was living in the cold north of Ohio, or the mild winter of Alabama, I get giddy with Spring. Spring is when the sun comes out more, when there’s new green and growth, and the dead and brown slowly fades. Spring is when my skin is once again warmed by the Sun, and my soul sings out a song of rejoicing. Spring is a time when my heart just wants to giggle and be in love and ahhhh – sigh with relief.

This Spring is only slightly different. I find myself already easeful about life. Unstressed. Excited about the good things and accepting of the not-so-good. I don’t find myself loooooonging for it quite so much. Perhaps it’s because, as we all know, the winter just hasn’t been so harsh. Or because I’m in a different season of life that allows me to embrace the slow. Or because I’ve been blessed to spend plentiful moments with ones that we love. From our parents in South Carolina to Ohio. Friends in FL. Best friends from TN. New friends in Ohio. Old/new friends in Summerville.

So I’m ready for Spring this year, but not as desperate for it. Ready for the green and growth. Ready for warm Sun. And bare feet breathing. And I’ll miss those female cardinals because they don’t come around as much when there’s not a snow storm to force them to find refuge on the porch railing. I do the snow how it blankets. Crisp. Pristine. and Sparkling. I love the fires in the fireplaces, slippers, and snuggle clothes. Then again, living in a bathing suit isn’t such a hard life either.

Either way, either season, I hope we can find the delight in each of those moments. Whether I’m rushed and stressed and overwhelmed in life, or tired and sad, or upbeat and jolly. I’d like to have the same core, the same heart beat. That says, “Thank you.” And “This too shall pass.” And “Don’t hold so tightly to the things you love, or hate.”

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