the Difference between Dead and Deaf

When the cats are away . . . the mice will play. And play we did. The parentals were so gracious as to leave their house, two cats, two cars, and two dogs to us for one whole week while they labored on a cruise ship down to the Bahamas, St. Martin, and St. Thomas. We hunkered down for a brutal week without them šŸ˜‰

Actually, Sean pointed out that it’s the first time since August that we’ve lived in a house all by ourselves. We did manage to find our time rather full with oodles of fun things while the ‘cats’ were away. There were a few things we learned a few things as well.

– Such as their oldest dog Katie, is notĀ DEAD but ratherĀ deaf!Ā Yes, I thought I had killed my parents dog when they were on vacation. I went out to walk her, but she was all curled up in her box. I got a few inches from her head and was yelling, “Katie! Katie! . . . Katie?” each time the word got a little wobblier. I knew she was dead. I started bawling, called Sean, told him to hurry up and get home because she was dead. Sean said, “Ohh babe. She could have died, she was an old dog.” I went back outside, blubbering because at least she’d died on a full belly, but mad at myself for not taking her a walk earlier when it was sunny. I crawled back to her box, crying her name quite desperately now, and thought how long’s she been dead? How long does it take for rigamortis to set in? How am I going to get her out of this box to bury her if she’s stiff? Seriously. I thought that. For some reason, I grabbed the chain that was connected to her still and gave a yank. . . . and then proceeded to have a heart attack. “YOU’RE ALIVE! YOU’RE ALIVE! OH KATIE, I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD.” and i sobbed into her black, fluffy neck fur. All the while she’s looking at me and thinkingĀ Why the heck are you yanking on my chain? Are you trying to kill me or something?

– Needless to say, we learned that the dog is deaf, but definitely NOT dead.

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2 thoughts on “the Difference between Dead and Deaf

  1. hilarious, nicole!! šŸ™‚

  2. hah! Indeed I thought I’d die. Thanks for reading Kimberly!

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