What the Boehrigs are Up to Next

After spending 6 weeks in South Carolina, we left on Saturday. What an incredible time we had! Eating meals with family, playing games, having fires, laughing about dogs, rekindling friendships, sharing heartaches and joys, being challenged by those wiser than us, soaking up some SC sun and goodness. It was exactly as we’d hoped it’d be. And more.

After celebrating Sean’s birthday with his parents, we headed up to Ohio. Here we are! The next phase. In this phase with plan to enjoy plenty of time with family. We kicked it off yesterday with Super-bowl and birthday festivities with the Dicken side. We’re excited to get time with our parents here, as well as grandmas, a few cousins, aunts and uncles, friends from church, and anyone else that will have us. If you happen to be reading this and you’re living in the area, please contact us. We don’t have much money, but we have time, so we’d love to splurge and hang out!

Next on our List of Hopes is move to Swaziland! At earliest, we’d love to be there in April. That doesn’t give us much time to get commitments for our financial needs. We’re looking at $28,000 a year as a budget. BUT if we got $12,000, or a commitment for $1,000 a month, we’d go and watch the Lord take care of everything else! Can you tell that we’re ready to go? We are!

Brian, Maria, & Arlan are there in Swaziland now. Tammie, Brian’s wife, will join them in March after she returns from Guatemala. We’ve also kicked off another blog. I know! I know. I’ve got two blogs. What am I thinking? This blog, Exposed, will continue to be Nicole’s musings, thoughts, and lengthier updates on our lives. The new blog, SwazilandBound will be our short, concise (I’m committing to two paragraphs or less in each post!) posts of prayer requests, updates, needs, progress, aka anything Swazi-related. Feel free to subscribe to BOTH, one or the other. We’re doing this because we find some people may want (or have time) to follow the Swazi blog. While others may enjoy Nicole’s musings in Exposed. Either way, WELCOME! Join us! Share feedback! Share suggestions! Pray for us! Tell us how we can pray for you! Update us on YOUR lives! Share your blogs with us! 

So we’re working toward Swaziland. I’m having a closet-cleaning out party. (More to come later). We’re meeting with potential supporters. We’re praying for guidance. We’re soaking up time with family. We’re dreaming of plans and approaches to ministry in Swaziland. We’re listening to Siswati on our iPod. While still practicing being present with the ones we love. What an adventure we’re on!

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2 thoughts on “What the Boehrigs are Up to Next

  1. Brett

    And now I have an excuse to visit Swaziland!

    • Yes! On a scale of 1 to serious, how committed are you? Okat fine, talk to April. But seriously . . . 😉 Welcome always.

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