What in the World ARE the Boehrigs Up To?

Since returning from Swaziland in Dec., we’re run into lots of people we like. And since they like us (what ARE they thinking?!), I guess the most natural question to ask is “What have you guys been up to?”

So, people we like, here is a thorough response.

We are in South Carolina and spending time with family. This being the longest time that Sean’s ‘been home’ since probably high school, we’re playing a lot of catch-up in relationships. Hanging out with the parents, occasionally The Brother, and getting a chance for Nicole to meet and Sean to reacquaint with lots of friends and church family. That part has been rather great. We spent last Sunday going to church, attending two cell groups (don’t worry I’m not trying to wrack up Holy Points by doing church 3 times!), and exploring a mountain biking trail with more friends. In short – relationships are alive and thriving with us in the ole SC.

When we’re not hanging out with friends or family, our lives look different than they ever have before. Mainly because Nicole does nothing, while Sean is busy. (More about Nicole later).

Sean’s stepdad has graciously allowed Sean into his workshop to build bed-swings. They’ve been diligently plaining boards, cutting, morticing, fitting, and sanding cypress into the beautiful masterpiece of hand-crafted bed-swings. Right now they’re building twin-size frames, but soon they’ll add full-size frames as well. This keeps Sean pretty busy, from around 8-5 every weekday and hopes to make 8 swings before we leave in early February.  For a while, he also was helping to gut a rental property (also a Bob hook-up!) until the termites took over too much of the house and work was futile. :/

Nicole’s story is a bit more scattered and less directed. This season in my life is a season of “Learning to Be.” I’ve written countless other blogs about this, so please read those if you’re ready for some mind torture. (The Art of Doing Nothing, Shut Up and Listen) The pattern is intriguing to me. It started early August and has only grown in magnitude. I’m certain that in the past, I’ve been awful at ‘being still,’ and my life was chaotic and frantic as a result. Now, I try to move more mindfully through the rhythms of life, enjoying moments, drinking up joy, and relishing in the slow.  Overall, it’s been a fun adventure of letting my days unfold. Instead of seeking to fill them, I just move through them – ever . . . so. . . slowly. Any given day of the week I can be caught doing this, in no particular order:

– sleeping til 8 ish

– eating some food

– going for a bike ride to run errands

– going for a bike ride for a workout

– going for a bike ride just for fun

– doing some yoga (see this blog)

– sending coupons and free book downloads to my unsuspecting sister and mom

– dragging myself into meditation (not something I ever find very easy, but always rewarding)

– offering to make lunch for Sean

– making lunch for myself because Sean’s not hungry

– clipping my toenails

– throwing away my toenail parts

– petting the dog

– surfing my emails, other blogs, facebook, craigslist, netflix, yoga journal for hours

– sighing, putting on some shoes and going to stand outside in the sun

– anxiously waiting at the door, as a puppy eager to play, while everyone files inside from their respective occupations

– sharing a few great hours of laughter, games, conversation, or movies

– brushing my teeth (gotta keep the hygiene and morale up!)

– going to sleep, snuggled up to the one I love

To be honest, somedays I’m frustrated, feel worthless, or just that I could be doing more. And then, I remember that each season of life has a rhythm. And perhaps the way to fully live is to find that rhythm and groove to it.

Right now, people we like, we’re grooving to this rhythm.


* Look for an upcoming blog about the next rhythm in the playlist of our lives. *

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4 thoughts on “What in the World ARE the Boehrigs Up To?

  1. Paul

    well, as you know, I HAVE TO comment. So, my comment is this:Anything can be done for a season. But there needs to be balance, in your own life, but also between you and Sean. So, did you build your bed frames already, or are you next up? The best option, in my mind at least, is if you each build bed frames (or do whatever to generate food etc) 1/2 the day, and do whatever else the other half. And, in the context of your last post, food does not have to be T-bone,- so you do not have to work to much.

    • Peggy

      Why don’t you come back to our house since we live close to town and especially yoga? Sean can stay and work but you are welcome to stay with us anytime. You might be able to be able to be a substitute yogo instructor at Holy Cow or any of the others! Peggy

      • Hah! Thanks Peggy. Answered. We’re coming tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks so much, I do always feel welcome with ya’ll! TFA interviews are keeping me busy for next 4 days. But plan to get some time doing some other things and hanging out. Enjoying the good life!

  2. Hey Nicole! It was great to read a little update on what you guys are doing….you knooooww…i had a brilliant thought after I read your post..IF you ever get tired of clipping your toenails and petting the dog, you are always WELCOMED to take a road trip down to Orlando to help a pregnant lady with her four energetic kids…they love trips to the park, being read to, doing arts and crafts, etc. you could satisfy your teaching gifts…not to mention, it would be SO FUN to see you…i think we’re only about 8 hours away from you guys…thats nothing, right? JUST a thought.

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