New Year, New Resolutions

I sincerely, genuinely welcome conversation, debate, rebuttals, suggestions, and questions to the thoughts that I share with readers via this blog. I admit I don’t know everything, don’t have all the facts, all the time, and am a flawed human. That being said, feel free to share other opinions, articles and such that I need to consider by ‘posting a comment’ below. Thank you for caring enough to challenge!

Yeah, yeah, it’s fixin’ to be a New Year and everyone’s making a resolution. Now, I love resolutions and I hate ’em. Love ’em because it’s a fresh start, a new leaf, a chance to take inventory and change for the better. I hate ’em because we make them and not a lot of people stick to ’em. There’s lots of fancy claims (even ones I’ve been guilty of): “I’ll run 10 miles every week,” or “We’re going to the gym 5 days a week,” or “I’m going to lose 20 lbs by Thanksgiving,” or “I’ll learn to play the guitar this year.” And how many of us really follow through? Seriously, I’m curious. [Side note: Please post a message and brag about your New Year’s Resolution that you’ve kept.]

Either way, what I notice about our resolutions is that they’re all about improving quality of life. Because most of us realize that life is meant to be lived, we make resolutions that get us closer to living. Love it.

So, this year, Sean & Nicole are getting into the swing of things. Our New Year’s Resolution . . . drum-roll please! . . . is: Eat only Local, Organic, Sustainable Meat. Ta da! Now this whole ‘organic movement‘ has been around for some time, with the ‘local/sustainable movement’ joining ranks in the last few years. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be aware of it. Now, there’s lots of conversation, media, and debate about these issues. And I’ll have to admit that I often have to restrain myself. I’d really love to be a radical individual who’s platform is this; however, this is not all that I’m about. It’s just a piece of how I seek to live a True Life connected to God – to consider nature and in a removed way (I acknowledge I grow none of my own food at this point in my life) try to ‘care’ for the creation we have.

I’ve done some research on what people are saying about eating local and eating organic. Here’s some of the articles I’ve gathered if you’re curious to know more:

Time Magazine  – many times, Sean and I have stood in the grocery store and contemplated the same debate between the two apples that the author describes. Shopping for 20 items can take us 1.5 hours because we deliberate over which ‘apple’ to purchase.

Eating Local Challenge – what some people are doing!

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms – quite a dynamic guy, who’s fun to listen to. Also controversial in some circles.

Southern Living – yes, even Southern Living is talking about it!

Some of the roadblocks to eating local, organic:

Supermarket News – It’s hard to define

The Debate Over Local Food

We’re giving it a shot! From time to time, I’ll write about how we fail. How we succeed. How we feel about it. What we’re learning. What we wish we’d do differently. And where we’re shopping for this meat. 😉


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4 thoughts on “New Year, New Resolutions

  1. Paul

    This is a good move. Made it myself a while ago, but it was a slow transition. And not radical in all ways. We live in OH, and don’t want to eat potatoes, carrots and apples 9 month out of the year. Also, with meat, I am more committed to beef than to pigs, as they get treated more against their nature. Chickens is the easiest to do around here. The other thing that came along with this decision is that I basically don’t use canned goods. We also eat much less meat,- so despite the fact that we pay more per pound, we end up not really spending more money on meat overall. Anyway, I totally support your move. Oh, and one more thing. Here is a link that I actually posted on fb a little bit ago: It was not on your list, but it makes sense to be.
    We are getting together with your parents in about an hour. I guess because of this, as well as your various musings, I was thinking about you guys a couple of days ago, and it struck me again how much we are thinking about the same things. And no matter what other people think, I think it’s a good thing, and I like it.
    Grace & peace

  2. Thanks Paul for the link. Fun to think that even though a decade (or two) separates us, we grew up in different countries, and other differences, we can still join together on some ‘simple’ ideas. Thanks for the support, as well. Best to you as you continue pursuing this and feel free to pass on more updates.

    Another site that a friend recommended to me was
    The Better World Shopper is awesome! It lists many companies and all kinds of products from meat, coffee, tea, groceries, hair products, chocolate – you name it. It rates them based on 7 criteria. Love it!

  3. Paul

    Thanks for the link. One of the great things about the web is that one can find all these good options, even though things don’t always work easy. We certainly have a responsibility to think before we do.

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