Need Estrogen!!!

Recently, I’ve gotten into concise language. In that mindset, I have come up with the Top Ten Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Woman Around:

1) They can find anything. Countless times in the last few weeks of being with primarily men, I’ve heard “Where are the keys?” “Nicole, do you know where my hat is?” “What happened to that water bottle?” And it’s been met with “In the center console.” “Yeah, right here in this little pocket that no one ever uses.” “It’s under the tree.” In the wise words of Brandon Bland “If you need to find something, first find a vagina. And then she’ll find it for you.” Amen.

2) Efficiency. I’ve been the list-maker, text messenger, email typist, and reminder of all things to do.

3) If you are a woman, you need another woman around to be SANE! I love the focus the guys I’m sharing space with this week have. All 5 of them can work intently on a project. But when I throw out a comment, ask a question, or yell “Dinner’s ready,” I’m lucky to get a blank stare. Usually, silence is my friend. She is often welcome.

4) Words. We women have lots of them and love to use them to heal, help, spread laughter, joy, ideas, and genuinely communicate.

5) Gentleness. Ladies, how many times have you had to grab your man’s hand as he rushes off to finish his work, work out, do something (and we’re glad they’re active and providers!) and pull him in for a second, remind him you exist and good things come from giving you a little hug, smile, glance, or conversation?

6) Women together produce more of the feel-good hormones. Would love if someone has seen some science or read an article about this. Heard of it and haven’t read the proof personally. But it’s true. All girls need some ‘girl time.’ We walk away feeling sane, energized, and chilled out.

7) Someone’s gotta take the blame.

8 ) All relationships need a bit of a peace-maker amongst the ranks.

9) Men have been giving a shot at running the companies, countries, and communities in a majority of the world for the majority of the time. They’ve gotten us a ways, but why not let someone else go to peace talks? decide if bombs are dropped? or release the new iPad? ***

10) Vegetables may be forgotten. But, meat, ah meat! would be so easy to come by.

Of course, all the items on the list are open for debate, rearrangement, re-wording, slashing, criticism, accolade and the like.  If anyone’s in a surplus supply of estrogen, please send her my way because otherwise I’m eating ice cream by myself for dinner.

*** Yes, I know there’s a lot of budding equality amongst the genders. No, I don’t think all men are evil and women are perfection. I love men. So much that I married one and constantly enjoy the company of my girlfriends’ significant others. Don’t hear what I’m not saying, but rather begin to wonder what the world would look like if the mothers got to decide what happened to their food supplies in developing nations? if First Ladies’ were in the war room. . . just go there for a minute. Let me know what you see!!!

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4 thoughts on “Need Estrogen!!!

  1. Paul

    Thanks for sharing.
    I really enjoy hearing your views. This particular article is really funny for 2 reasons:It’s coming from you; and I am reading it. And that is all good. In many ways you are not the “typical” woman, as I am in many ways not the “typical” man. I’d love to talk more with you about that, but I have to get supper together.

    • Hah. I think we’ve got lots to chat about. God willing, we’ll be in the Ohio area after Christmas. Remind me we should meet for some chats! 🙂 Keep a list going. Ha

  2. sofia pereira


    it was really nice to meet you guys! We will keep on tracking your journey
    please say hello to everybody for us!

    good luck

    sofia & fernando (Kosi bay; portugal)

    • Hey Sofia & Fernando!
      So glad you found us here. And thanks for a wonderful time in Kosi Bay. May you time in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town be filled with goodness and sweet times! Best!
      Cheers – Nicole & Sean

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