A Day in the Life

Hopefully, soon I’ll have some pictures to upload of where and what we’ve been up to. This last week after staying the night in South Africa, we headed to Swaziland. We’ve been living in luxury with a toilet, HOT shower, cold shower, a camper to live in, complete with electricity. I must say, it’s more than I’d even hoped for. I shower more here than I do in the States. šŸ™‚ Go figure.
After getting settled, Sean and I joined up with Brian and 3-4 Swazi day workers he’s got clearing land out at the property. The chief gave the land to a buddy of Brian’s for Brian/Manna to develop. Mr. Chief is hoping for a medical clinic or school or something to serve the people.
So far the ‘service’s rendered have been rides. Two days this week, Brian & I spent the work day driving 20 kilometers round-trip to the river and back. We’d drive down the dirt road, load sand from the river, and drive back. He’ll use the sand for foundation and building of his block house. Along the way, we’d stop and pick up anyone walking in the same direction and let them hop in the back. Everyone is all smiles. The school children love to get out and just looook and looook at us as they drive away. Although Swazi a country where whites and blacks can live without relative tension (unlike South Africa, for example). The bush, where the property is, has limited white people.
It’s been fun guessing what people are thinking because I really don’t have a clue. English is spoken more in the cities, so we’re really just left with gestures. Anyone who’s traveled to a place where you can’t communicte in your mother tongue knows the joy, and sometimes frustrations of waving your arms wildly to get someone else to understand. Three things that seem to work REALLY well here: a smile, a thumbs up, or a wave. Isn’t it nice that everyone gets that?
“Bad” news this morning: the land Brian’s building on is right at the border of two different cheifs’ regions. One of them called and said that the chiefs need to meet to dispute the borders of the place. Basically, the outcome will mean the land’s under one chief or the other. Doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, it would be extremely disrespectful to continue clearing land and start building until the meeting occurs – next Sunday.
So what to do? We’re heading down the coast into South Africa. Stay with yet another friend of Brian’s near the coast. It seems as if this vacation doesn’t ever stop. I miss teaching my kids a bit, but TIA (this is africa) and I’m soaking it up!
P.S. I’m rejoicing because I’ve yet to spot a Mamba! Woot woot! Let’s keep it that way!
P.P.S. Pray it rains, otherwise the people and land and animals will really suffer. Rain’s over a month late and much needed.

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One thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. Karin

    Hey. Please stay away from the Mambas. Please please please.

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