Dear United States, Thanks for the passport, see you in December! Love, The Boehrigs

Well, hopefully I’ll be ‘back’ and blogging soon from fun locations in Swaziland. Since I’m uncertain about our internet capabilities, I’m posting a few great things I am inspired by, like to read, or feel we all should know about. When you have your me-time, or let-me-better-myself-by-reading,-even-if-I-don’t-agree-time, think of ME and check it out:  I Love You Project started by a yoga friend of mine, Alyson Schacherer. Why not send out love to those you’re sitting next to. (Their facebook page is full of really fun pictures!)

Naomi Klien’s speech at Occupy Wall Street. Read it here:

When you get curious about where the heck I am, here’s some info about Swaziland:   Thank you, Lindsay, for passing it on.

Click the “Swaziland Blog” at the top of my blog. This is Brian and Tammie’s blog. When Brian’s internet is limited, Tammie gets phone calls from him and can subsequently update everyone reading by posting on it.

TED Talks is loved by Sean (and many other millions)

If you’re interested in seeing pictures, updates, and any news from Swazi and our southern Africa adventure, subscribe to our blog! To do so, just click the ‘sign me up!’ button at the right. Instead of mass-emailing everyone in my address book when I get some internet access, I’ll probably just post a blog. WHEN you sign up, know that you’ll only get an email each time I add a post. I’ve subscribed to a friend’s blog and have been pleasantly surprised at how accessible that makes her family!

The Low-Down (for all those with questions):

Sean & I have learned over some years of traveling that it’s great to be prepared, but plans always change. Therefore, our plans are loose these days. 😉 Keep in mind that most of it’s conjecture!

Oct 14th – arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our friend Brian [who’s currently moving onto and gently developing some land a chief gave him] will pick us up. At some point, we’ll head to Swaziland.

Since Brian’s land is mostly covered in brush, I’m guessing we’ll help him clear any land that needs it, possibly dive into building his house, other structures that need it, help with well-drilling, etc.

We’d love to visit some friends in Maputo, Mozambique, who’ve done some awesome things with a sustainable, permaculture farm. Maybe we’ll drag Brian into Kruger Park to camp with the elephants. Or possibly head up to see Victoria Falls after a few border crossings. Whatever plans end up falling together, we are committed to being open to culture, open to people, being safe (yes, mom & dad, being safe!), avoiding black mambas and other harmful creatures, having a ton of fun, keeping in touch with loved ones in the States, and making new friends.

Dear United States, Thanks for the passport, we’ll see you in December! Love, The Boehrigs

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2 thoughts on “Dear United States, Thanks for the passport, see you in December! Love, The Boehrigs

  1. Tommy Drinnen

    praying for you guys – Blessings! Tommy d

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