Eternal Summer Starts/ Love Trip – Dose 1

Eternal summer – that’s what we’ve dubbed our time of traveling. Just as the summer’s ending, all the children are back in school, and teachers begin the miracle of education, the Boehrigs embark. It feels like summer because we’re not working. Though, the seasons have already begun to change. Less are the days of tank tops and shorts. More of shoes, less of sandals. More three-quarter’s length attire.

Whatever we call it. It has been good. Sean and I kicked off our road trip a bit early due to impending doom with Ms. Irene Hurricaning her way towards New Jersey. What timing?! We were literally hours ahead of the powerful storm – I guess it was time to go.

We drove our new bus and 4-runner to Ohio, where my family lives. On our way, Sean got all excited because he’d been driving the bus for almost two hours and the gas gauge still read “F.” “Maybe we’ll drive the bus across America if it gets this good of gas mileage,” he pronounced on one of our cell phone check-ins.

On a second cell-phone chat (I, Nicole, drove the 4-runner, while Sean drove the bus, so we called to keep each other awake), Sean interrupted himself with,”Uh oh! I just dropped from a half-tank to a quarter-tank.” Next thing we knew, he was put—putting up a hill. Just like that the bus died. Yup! We ran out of gas on 1-80W.

While waiting for AAA, we made spaghetti in the Jet-Boil, had a bathroom break, and I caught a nap. Once AAA saved the day with 7 gallons of gas, we realized our battery had died from too many false starts in the bus. I had a panic attack and almost got hit trying to pull a 3-point turn to get the 4-runner facing the bus so we could jump the bus.

The picture calmly portrays what was actually terrifying (for Nicole)!

After jumping the bus, it still wouldn’t start. Sean quickly deduced that the fuel pump wasn’t firing right. Of course, Sean just switched out the fuse and she fired right up! Two hours later, we got on our way!

Love Trip. Dose One: New Waterford, Ohio

Haven was often the word we use when thinking about my parents’ home in rural, farm-country Ohio. Dairy farms, cornfields, and woods abound. Heap on the gorgeous, multi-colored flowers my mother cultivates. Sprinkle in the Rose-of-Sharon bushes and mini-willows my father has planted. Swirl in the sweeping front porch and abounding wildlife. Then you’ve got yourself a Haven Sundae. MMM MM GOOD!

Here are some pictures from the Dicken-Boehrig family canoeing extravaganza . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had an incredibly meaningful time with our Ohio family. I left grateful for the beautiful, wise, hilarious, and happy roots I have in my family.

Next stop – IN & MI 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Eternal Summer Starts/ Love Trip – Dose 1

  1. Wow, why the bus? Looks awesome, glad you made it safely away from the hurricane.

    • At some point, we may live in it, depending on the new path our life takes. 🙂 Thanks for reading and sharing your link. Gotta check it out!

  2. Ron

    It was a great day Canoeing!!

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