Coming to a Town Near You. . .

Sean spent an awesome five days in Arkansas for our friend’s wedding. He had a really rich time of getting to hang with about every good guy friend from college. I made him recount every conversation, so I could feel the goodness of it. And man! It was good. That’s something that’s become apparent  to us in recent months – the importance of strong friendships. The last two years, we spent most of the year thinking it was our last in Newark, so you can imagine how we held back a bit from investing in too many friendships. We’ve made good friends, but it’s also been a time of aloneness too. We very much hope, pray, and look forward to having some good, soul-sharing, rock-climbing friends to share life with in our next chapter.

Speaking of chapters, we’re getting ready to move. In just 3.5 weeks, we’ll have packed up our material belongings and driving WEST – to Ohio. 🙂 We are really looking forward to almost two months of traveling to see family, friends that are family, more family, the woods, the rock, and more family and friends. Coming to a town near you . . . we plan to be in OH, IN, MI, AR, somewhere out west with a camper, AR, and SC.

I am elated to just be able to ‘be’ with those we love. Nothing can replace the time you invest in relationships.

In the meantime, we’re trying to sell our big pieces of furniture (email if you need something or know someone who does). All proceeds of the sale go towards kicking off our international life! (First stop, Swaziland.) Or to paying the last bit of our loans. We’re giving much away. I’m hoping for a God-like strength to release my claws from clutching too tightly to the things of this world. Because I gotta get my stuff down to just a few boxes. Bring it on!

We’re excited for what this next chapter holds for us. Yeaah we’re coming to a town near you. . .

Coming down the road to you soon!

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2 thoughts on “Coming to a Town Near You. . .

  1. Brettl Emerson

    Stop in Memphis for a few minutes, please. Oh, and tell Sean that it still hurts when I sneeze; thank him for crushing my chest with his jujitsu samurai moves.

    • We will definitely make a Memphis stop. I still haven’t met that beautiful bride of yours, or C1, C2, or E1 (?). Maybe I’ll sit in on a class. I know I’ll miss the classroom by then. 😉

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