The Better End of the Deal

If you’re not into cheesy, or hate hearing people talk about significant others, please exit this post & read this blog another time!

Okay, for those of us with hearts . . .

From an early age, I was a tomboy. Some might argue that I still am. I climbed trees; played soccer – with boys – wanted to be a cowboy, OR an Indian,; liked blue, green, and hated pink. [Perhaps another time I’ll explore gender-typing.] Needless to say I wasn’t the mushiest chica; however, most little girls dream of romance. As a young teenage girl, I was no different. I have visions of who I’d marry, what he’d be like, the kind of guy I’d date – the whole gambit. Of course Jonathan Taylor Thomas was on that list; however, I was a realistic child and knew celebrity relationships were rocky at best. 

Two things stick out concerning my Quest for The Man of My Dreams. #1 I will marry my Best Friend. I figured even when the ‘sparks fade’ – as everyone was so eager to tell a 15 year old – I’d still be stuck with someone I liked. We’d like the same stuff, know each other’s parents, and well, be friends, before all the romance. 

#2 – I wanted the Better End of the Deal. [This idea is copyright & paraphrased from the Lips of Lindsay Landis.] We’ve all seen couples that are ‘unequally yoked.’ He’s hilarious. She’s dry. She’s generous. He’s stingy. She’s controlling. She’s tons of fun. He’s carefree. He’s uptight. Sometimes couples aren’t the  best of two people, more like the half of two people. How cool would it be if both parties could say: Wow! I got the better end of this deal. To feel like they’re the lucky ones to be with their partner. To wake up and say – how did I become so blessed? lucky? fortunate? special?

I believe a myriad of things are possible. This is one of them. The only proof I have to judge it off of is my own life example. I got #1 AND #2 when I got hitched. Sure, I could gush and ramble about how awesome Sean is – and yes! he is. But really, nobody likes that girl – that’s not the point. Moreso – don’t settle.

Don’t settle for “okay” or “this’ll do” or “I guess so. ..” Go all out! Be completely sold. And I don’t just mean on the person you share your life with. EVERYTHING – be sold. Love all that you do. Love all whom you’re with. Love all of yourself. Be convinced that you got the better end of life’s deal. 

Set high bars and live nothing except up to those standards. 

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