Where are the Boehrigs going next?

Seriously? Where are we going next? I’m beginning to feel like the flicker on the Twister game. Flick me! And I’m spinning around, and around, and around. Wherever I land, chances are I’ll be in some new or strange position. Or maybe both.
Buuuuut, let’s be honest people, I love it! 🙂 For those of you trying to keep track of us – just go ahead and give up. Nothing is ever certain in my life. My sister Gail has learned this well. Here’s a snippet of last week’s conversation:
Gail: So, how certain is it that ya’ll are moving to Guatemala?
Me: Oh, you know, pretty certain.
Gail: Like do you have a percentage.
Me: Well, we haven’t bought plane tickets, but we don’t have any other options. So it’s like 95% certain. . .
or my mother’s comment: Well, let’s just say I’m penciling in your address.
All of this I’m pretty okay with. I love that Sean scored a school bus for $1 and we’re planning on living in it. . . sometime. I love that we are planning to go to language school in Guatemala in September. I love that we’re also considering moving to Swaziland. Yes! My life is great . . . but completely uncertain.
But for those of you just dying to know what’s going on in the life of Sean and Nicole. I’ll include some of the not-so-juicy details.
. . . As of August 2010, four of our Mali Team Members moved to Newark, NJ. Since Sean & Nicole had jobs in Newark, we were all going to try living in a community together, developing skills, paying off our school loans, and pursuing God’s plan for us in Mali. After many conversations, prayers, and some heartache, our teammates all decided to move to Indiana. They were presented with an excellent opportunity to learn organic, sustainable farming from awesome mentors. Our teammates have committed a year to be in Indiana with career, life, and Christian mentorship. They are committed to each other and hope to still work in ‘missions’ to some way. While Sean and I were sad to see them leave and realize we may not move to Mali with this group of wonderful people, we are excited for their next steps and thankful for ALL that we’ve learned in the process of team-formation and growth!
Sean and Nicole are finishing their third year of teaching and living in Newark this year. God-willing, by August we will have successfully paid off our college loan debt and be ready for the next phase. Sean and I are deeply committed to moving overseas and diving into whatever God has for us next. Right now, we have several opportunities blooming – language school, internships with non-profits, etc. We are undecided where we will ‘live’ in September 2011, but whew! It’s been an incredible adventure. Never a dull moment in our lives. 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Where are the Boehrigs going next?

  1. Brett

    Love you guys

  2. laurie

    LOVE this i may now be able to keep track of all your footsteps! Love you both mom

  3. Lakeya

    This is both inspiring and amazing to be so open and thankful for God’s plan for your lives! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  4. Peggy & Pat

    This is great, now we will be able to keep up with the both of you wherever you are! Love, Peggy & Dad

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